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GrandDaddy Purp

Cup Winner

Grandaddy Purp
Grandaddy Purp

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From the Bay Area in California, comes a seed bank that’s created a strain so powerful and so beautiful that many have tried to copy it. But if you want the real Grand Daddy Purp created by Ken Estes in 2003, or any other strains created exclusively by this ingenious seed bank, you have to get them here at 420-Seeds.

Grand Daddy Purp, the medical strain Ken first became known for, its shockingly purple as its name would suggest, with just a few touches of neon green breaking up that vibrant colour. Demand was so high when it first hit the market that imitators started coming onto the scene, claiming that they had this highly sought-after strain; even though they did not. The difference can be told all in the name. While Ken only calls his potent strain that induces appetite as much as it does sleep - Grand Daddy Purp.

Grand Daddy Purp isn’t the only strain that this seed bank has become famous for. Their strain Bay 11, named for where Ken first hailed from, won first place in the Sativa Cup Cannabis Cup in 2011. And Ken’s Phantom, another potent strain, won the Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid in 2012. If you want to get your hands on the real Grand Daddy Purp and grow a strain that’s as beautiful as it is potent, or any of the other award winning strains from Grand Daddy Purp, get it from us at 420-Seeds.

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