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R-Kiem Seeds

R-Kiem Seeds
R-Kiem Seeds

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R-Kiem Seeds have been gaining plaudits since 1998. These prestigious Spanish breeders began with a mission to preserve the genetics of the best cannabis strains on the planet. And in doing so, they’ve developed a wide range of hybrids that are incredibly special. R-Kiem are a collaboration of growers and breeders. They harness expertise from around the globe to create high-quality strains with superb characteristics. This international approach to cultivation is exemplified by their now-iconic Harybo strain, notable for its Afghani-American lineage, high yields, and beautiful purple buds.

Beyond the widespread acclaim of growers, R-Kiem Seeds have received recognition throughout the cannabis industry: 1st Place in the 2019 Spannabis Champions Cup sits prominently on a long list of awards. If you’d like to sample the strain that brought it home, try their Sublimator. This intensely flavorful strain is one of the most THC-rich and trichome-laden around. R-Kiem Seeds also promise exceptional quality control: all seeds are hand-selected before being packed and stored under rigorous temperature and humidity controls. This way, they ensure only the very best are sold.

These breeders are a formidable mix of passion and meticulousness. They pack some serious pedigree and are guaranteed to please even the most experienced of growers.

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