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Regular Sativa Seeds

Sativa plants are known for their big size, their love of warm weather and the uplifting, energising, all-natural effects of their bud. Stocking up for those who know what they like, we have a range of high-quality regular sativa seeds from a wide variety of strains. These are completely natural and haven’t been altered in any way, which means they keep all those qualities that make countless growers choose them over feminized seeds. Natural seeds come in a roughly 50/50 male-to-female split and can’t be individually identified before they actually grow. A typical sativa plant is likely to be tall, thin and lanky, growing upwards and outwards. It will need a large room and a high ceiling if grown indoors. Outdoors, sativa strains will need to be given plenty of space and shelter from strong winds and rain. Despite being better suited to warm, bright, outdoor environments, certain sativa strains can also grow well indoors. If these vibrant plants grow well they can flower generously, offering big yields that are popular for their energy-giving and cerebral properties. This results in a high that keeps you creative and sociable, making sativas the perfect accessory to a warm summer evening with friends.


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