Purple Thai Feminized

Breeder: 420 Seedbank
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Purple Thai is a classic sativa strain with a sweet, fruity flavor and a potent cerebral high. It has a relatively long flowering time of 12-14 weeks but can produce moderate yields of dense, resinous buds with THC levels ranging from moderate to high.
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THC ContentOver 22%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicHigh THC High Yield Ease of growth and a complex High Times Winner
Breeder420 Seedbank
GeneticsH.O.G. x Chocolate Thai

Strain Traits


What is the Purple Thai strain?

Purple Thai is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing two landrace strains: Chocolate Thai with Highland Oaxacan Gold. It has a long and rich history, dating back to the 1970s, when it was originally bred in Thailand.

What are the effects of Purple Thai?

The effects of Purple Thai are primarily sativa dominant, inducing a euphoric and energetic high that can stimulate creativity and social interaction. It has been reported to have some medical benefits, such as relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Growing the Purple Thai strain

When growing Purple Thai, the plant has a tall and slender structure, with dense foliage and long, slender buds. The buds are typically light green with purple and orange hairs. The plant grows very tall and responds well to both LST and HST techniques that encourage more lateral growth to improve yields. The flowering time for Purple Thai Fem is around 12-14 weeks, and it can produce moderate yields of up to 400g/m² indoors. Overall, Purple Thai Fem is a strain that is favored by both recreational and medical cannabis users for its uplifting, stimulating high.
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