Landrace Seeds

Landrace seeds have been bred from strains such as Afghan and Hindu Kush that are the pure, original cannabis plants, untouched by modern breeding. These strains are the ancestral roots of today's hybrids, offering a unique, authentic experience that takes you back to the very essence of cannabis. Get back to the old school roots of cannabis with our original collection of landrace strains.

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What are landrace seeds?

Landrace seeds are the real OGs of weed strains.

Unlike 99% of strains available on the modern market, landrace cultivars have been left untouched in their natural environments for thousands of years, evolving naturally.

They're the base ingredients of today's old and new school strains, revered for their stable genetics and unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Unlike modern hybrids, landrace strains haven't been mixed or messed with genetically, so they're totally unique in their characteristics and effects.

Where do landrace strains come from?

Everywhere weed naturally grows! Most people think of landrace strains from Afghanistan, India, Africa, or Thailand - places where cannabis has been cultivated for centuries. But landrace genes are spread all over the world, making it almost impossible to know exactly how many distinct types there are.

In these diverse environments, the natural selection process has shaped each landrace strain with its own set of unique characteristics to adapt to the specific climate and ecosystem. This geographical isolation makes landrace strains pretty specialized and distinct in how they grow, their flavors, and their effects.

What are the advantages of growing landrace strains?

Growing landrace strains offer several advantages, notably their robustness and genetic purity. These strains are extremely well-adapted to their native environments, making them more resistant to local pests, diseases, and climate conditions.

If you live in an area where a landrace evolved or somewhere with similar climatic conditions, it's more than likely that it will thrive in your climate with minimal intervention. But even if you don't live in a similar climate, landrace strains can still be grown indoors or in controlled environments with great success.

Thanks to the fact that landrace strains have not been genetically manipulated, the genetics are entirely stable. This means that successive generations of seeds will produce plants with extremely similar characteristics and qualities, ensuring consistency in your harvests - something that cannot always be said about new cultivars.

Their genetic purity also makes them an attractive option for breeders looking to develop new strains with specific qualities and unique terpene profiles.

What are the most popular landrace cannabis strains?

All landrace strains that are still available today can be classed as "popular", but there are a few options that stand above the crowd.

  • Afghani, one of the original Indica strains hailing from Afghanistan, is famed for its heavy, sedative effects and rich resin production.
  • Thai (or Thai-Stick), a pure Sativa coming in hot from everyone's favorite South-East Asian destination, is known for its potent, energetic high and sweet, citrus flavor profile.
  • Colombian Gold, another full Sativa originating from Colombia, is beloved for its high THC content and uplifting, euphoric effects.
  • Durban Poison, a pure Sativa from South Africa, is highly sought after for its electric, energizing high and sweet, earthy flavors.

Each of these amazing strains has played a crucial role in shaping many modern hybrids, giving us a peek into the diverse and fascinating history of cannabis cultivation.