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Feminized Sativa Seeds

Save both time and effort with our range of feminized sativa seeds. Recognising the demand for these seeds, we have stocked enough different strains to make sure our customers always have a wide selection of feminized options to choose from. We’re especially proud of our range of sativas and are confident that your perfect strain is there just waiting to be found. Behaving very differently to their indica siblings, sativa plants grow taller and thinner. They like warm weather and lots of sunlight and generally have the reputation of being the more delicate and demanding of the cannabis plants. There are also plenty of sativa strains that will grow and thrive in less ideal conditions too. The flowers of the sativa plant are known for their distinctive effects when smoked. These traits are not as physical as with indicas, but instead provide a rich and stimulating mental experience that is quite psychedelic at times. Better yet, the effects are quite energising and can keep you active instead of glued to the sofa. This makes sativas well-suited for social events and especially helping those with social anxiety to feel more relaxed and confident when socialising.


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