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There are many benefits of growing outdoor marijuana seeds. The first of course, is that it’s incredibly easy and cheap! With the sun providing natural light and heat, outdoor growers don’t have to worry about light schedules. Natural soil is also one of the best mediums for growing marijuana, typically having the proper ph level and being rich in the nutrients marijuana plants need most. It can be argued that marijuana plant produced outside will also be better and bigger. Outdoor growers have been known to get massive buds and many more of them. With the natural elements breathing life into them through every step of the growing process, they’re also often more flavourful and more aromatic too. There’s no doubt that outdoor marijuana seeds bring many benefits! While just about any type of marijuana can be grown outdoors, not every climate is suitable for every strain. Some climates are too wet, some too dry, and in certain regions, the season is simply too short. Therefore, some strains are better suited to certain climates. The most robust strains are those with strong landrace genetics. Thai Stick, OG Kush, and White Widow are just a few strains that are perfect for growing outdoors.


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