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Breeder: Bomb Seeds
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Who doesn’t love candy? And candy that reminds you of your childhood is even better. Well Runtz Bomb is going to bring back those happy memories in spades! Voted strain of the year by Leafly in 2020 the Runtz strain has won world renown in a very short space of time for its sweet citrus flavours and well balanced high. How can you improve on that? Well simple, you make it bigger!
Price: US$45.72
THC ContentOver 25%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicBeautifully balanced Indica body buzz
BreederBomb Seeds
Genetics(Runtz x Big Bomb) x Runtz 

Strain Traits


The one criticism that can be levelled at the original version is that it was always quite a small yielder; no more! We have carefully worked to increase the overall yield without taking anything away from what has made it a worldwide hit. Using a Big Bomb father we crossed a Runtz mother and selected the most true breeding offspring that had increased yield. Over repeated steps we then backcrossed this to the original mother and after stabilizing Runtz Bomb was born. This strain has a very powerful 27% THC level which delivers a beautifully balanced head/body stone that will energizes and calms rather than knocking you out. You’ll feel an uplifting and euphoric sense of wellbeing wash over you from the fist hit, that will have you giggling very soon after. Because of this Runtz bomb is a great stress reliever and helps with associated ailments. Staying quite low, but getting very bushy, Runtz bomb won’t need tying down but will need support. Short internodal distance between branches that soon get laden with massive nugs, means that good airflow is essential to manage humidity. Height wise you can expect it to stay under 150cm indoors which makes it an ideal choice for growers that have limited space. If you haven't tried Runtz yet, Runtz Bomb has got to be in your schedule. If you have tried it, then our cross will make you see how much the power of Bomb can make a good thing even better.
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