Beginner Marijuana Seeds

Our range of beginner friendly cannabis seeds have been hand picked by our team of expert growers for their simplicity. These seeds are selected for their resilience, forgiving nature, and consistent growth, giving you the best chance of having a stress-free and successful grow. At 420 Seed Bank, we offer the finest beginner seeds from all the top breeders so you can be confident you’re in good hands. Start your growing journey with confidence – choose our beginner seeds and start your stress free home grow.

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  1. Red Jack Auto 5 Seeds - Growers Choice
    Red Jack Auto 5 Seeds - Growers Choice By Growers Choice
    From: Now US$18.72 Was US$23.40
    • THC: 18%-20%
    • Yield: 550-650gr/m²
    • Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks
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Grow the Best Seeds for Beginners with 420 seeds

So, you're looking to start your first weed grow? Not sure which seeds to choose? You've landed in the perfect place!

There are very few hobbies as rewarding as starting your own ganga garden, and we are here to help you get going on the right foot. We get it - when first starting out, the idea of growing weed can be a little overwhelming. The almost never-ending fountain of information on the internet, combined with all of the different strain options out there, can make it difficult to know where to begin. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here at 420-seeds, we specialize in providing top-quality weed seeds for beginners. Our extensive selection includes a massive range of strains that are perfect for first-time growers. If you are sick of reading conflicting advice, check out our comprehensive grow guides that have helped transform thousands of beginners into cannabis-growing experts!

With 420-Seeds, you're not just getting seeds - you're getting a partner and mentor for your cultivation journey. We are here to help you grow the best weed possible. You'll be stunned by how easy it is to grow your own buds when you start with the right seeds and the proper knowledge base.

What Makes a Good Beginner Cannabis Strain?

When we say a strain is a great beginner option, there are a few key characteristics we look for...

  • The most important thing is that the strain is relatively easy to grow. No overly fussy genetics that will be difficult for a first-timer to manage.
  • Resiliency to not only pests and diseases, but also user error, is super important. Mistakes are just part of the process and should be expected, so you want to start with strains that can handle a little bit of abuse.
  • A faster flowering time is typically preferred by beginners. No one wants to wait forever for their harvest.
  • We look for cultivars that are capable of withstanding environmental stresses, like temperature and humidity fluctuations or light changes. This can be particularly helpful for growers starting an outdoor garden where climatic control may not always be possible.
  • Last but not least, big yielding strains take so much of the guesswork out of growing. Trying to hit a certain weight or yield can be frustrating for beginner growers, so we aimed to pick strains that made it easier for you!

Are Autoflowers Better for Beginners?

That really depends on your cultivation situation and goals, but yes, for the vast majority of new growers out there, autos are a great option!


Autoflowering weed strains are a great option for novice growers thanks to the fact that they are usually really easy to grow, and how quickly they go all the way from seed to harvest.

They are called 'autos' because they automatically shift from the vegetative stage to flowering, no matter the light cycle changes. This means you don't have to stress about managing strict light schedules – perfect for beginners.

Autoflowering cultivars usually have a shorter life cycle (anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, strain-dependent), so you can harvest quicker. And their compact size makes them great for small spaces.

All in all, most (but not all) autoflowering weed strains offer newbie growers a chance at huge yields in next to no time, and they require way less maintenance than most photoperiod strains. Most auto strains come with high natural resistance to both pests and diseases, all while offering new growers the chance to easily produce a mountain of huge, frost-covered buds!

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing for Beginners

There are a bunch of variables that will go into choosing whether you grow your plants indoors or outdoors. If you are new to the game, we usually recommend starting with a small indoor grow tent setup.


Simple - growing indoors allows for better control over the growing environment.

  • Temperature, humidity, and lighting are all easy to manage indoors (and we have guides on how to help you do just that).
  • You can also choose the strains best suited for your space when growing indoors, as opposed to being limited by outdoor conditions.
  • Indoor growers can grow all year round.
  • Plus, indoor grows usually come with shorter harvest times and higher potency.

With that said, outdoor cultivation also has its benefits. Besides being more budget-friendly, it gives hobbyists a chance to work with Mother Nature in all her glory!

Taking advantage of the sun's free energy helps outdoor growers save some money over the long term. Plus, you can grow way more plants outdoors than indoors - which means a possible bigger yield!

If you have access to a suitable outdoor space, live in a state or country where you can legally grow weed, and the climate is right, outdoor growing can be a great starting point for new growers looking to get into the cannabis cultivation game.

What are the Easiest Training Methods for First-Time Cannabis Growers?

If you're new to growing cannabis, you'll definitely want to try out Low-Stress Training (LST) methods like Screen of Green (SCROG) or tie and bend. They're super gentle on the plants and work great for both autoflowering and photoperiod strains.

The classic LST technique involves gently bending and tying the branches of your plant to shape its growth. This helps improve light exposure and air circulation to lower parts of the plant, resulting in more even canopy growth and potentially higher yields.

The SCROG technique is all about placing a screen above your plants and weaving their branches through it as they grow. This way, their canopy gets evenly spread out, ensuring that every bud site gets the perfect amount of light.