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How To Increase Cannabis Yields

There’s nothing worse than working months towards a crop, only to be disappointed with less than ideal yields. But luckily, you can avoid the frustration from the start. When growing cannabis, to increase yields there are a few tricks you can easily implement. Keep reading to learn how to increase cannabis yields, with tips from the pro’s.

Top Tricks To Increase Yields

Over the years, home growers and professional growers alike have figured out ways to nurture maximum yields. Whether growing their crops indoors, or outdoors. To increase yields for your own cannabis plants here’s the most simple tips to do so.

Choose a high yield strain

All cannabis strains and genes differ in some way. Some grow tall, some grow wide, some have high levels of THC, some do not. The same goes for the amount that specific strains can produce. Some strains are more genetically able to grow high yields, while others are not. So, the first step to increase yields, is to choose a strain that’s well-known for producing high yields. Like Incredible Bulk, Big Bud, Pineapple Chunk amongst others.

Use the right size container

The bigger your container, the bigger your plants can grow. When using a small container to save floor space, you’re limiting the yields you can produce. Since smaller containers restrict the size of the roots and the overall size of the plant. On the flip side, plants that are too small in a big pot can also restrict growth. That’s why so many growers use the method of transplanting throughout a cannabis plant’s life cycle to increase yields. By ‘transplanting’ your plant into a bigger pot when ready and able, you’re able to maximize growth altogether.

Choose the right medium

Just like the container you use, your medium will have an effect on yield size too. Overall, coco-coir, super soils, and hydroponics are the most notorious for maximizing yields. That’s because these medium options are nutrient rich for healthier growth, from start to finish. Plus, these airier mediums make it easier for the plant to uptake the nutrients versus regular soils. The less work your plant does taking in the nutrients, the more work it can put towards growing bigger, and fatter. Even better, coco-coirs, super soils and hydroponics support faster growth, meaning you can turn around more yields per year, too.

Change or adjust your lights

It’s no surprise that the light intensity of your lighting system will affect the size and quantity of your yields. That’s because the light spectrum and intensity determines the efficiency of your plant’s photosynthesis process for growth. It’s also been found that the red part of the light spectrum is able to increase yields in the flowering stage more so than lights in the blue spectrum. LED and HPS lighting systems are the most recommended for producing maximum yields.

Implement training techniques

If you’re not training your plants for maximized results yet, it’s time you start. Simple techniques work towards strengthening your plant and maximizing light exposure to boost growth overall. Here’s just a few examples of the main training tips that pro growers use to maximize yields -  

  • Trellising or ScrOG (Screen of Green) 
  • Low-stress training
  • FIMing or Topping  
  • Defoliation

Balance nutrients

When learning how to increase cannabis yields, you’ll find it’s all about balance when it comes to feeding and watering. Plus, it’s not always ‘the bigger the better’ when it comes to the level of nutrients you feed. In cannabis, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the right mix or balance of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) to maximum growth and yields. Ensuring you don’t underwater and overwater, is key too. These factors make sure your plant’s photosynthesis process runs correctly and smoothly, for the healthiest and biggest growth possible. Keeping a close eye on your plants and monitoring frequently for nutritional deficiencies is also key. Watch for curling leaves, yellowing tips, or other signs of issues so you can address any imbalance quickly.

Optimize your environment

No plant can survive and thrive in an environment that’s not well-suited for growth. Cannabis is the same, and requires optimal environmental conditions for maximum growth. By maintaining the right balance of temperature and humidity, your plant can better fatten up its buds for bigger yields overall. Optimal airflow is also key to increase yields. The best way to ensure you’re controlling temps, humidity and providing airflow is by installing any type of ventilation system. This can be as simple as an air exhaust system, or using humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to fine-tune conditions.

Properly harvest

Last but not least, is properly timing the final few weeks of your plant’s life cycle. Harvesting early can significantly cut down on yields, as buds size can increase by 25% in the last 2-3 weeks of growing. Meaning timing your harvest date is crucial to increase your crops total yield. In addition to scheduling your plant’s harvest date around the strain’s specific life cycle length, you’ll also want to check visual cues. As your plant’s pistils and trichomes will give off clues on when the plant is ready to harvest.

Maximizing Yields For Ultimate Returns

Growing your own cannabis crops is no simple feat. It takes time, money and effort to do so, especially successfully. So maximize your yields for the ultimate return, with these  helpful tips. By making small improvements to your operations, you can see big changes at harvest time. To shop the best seeds for high yield strains check out our full collection at, now. 

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