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Regular Indica Seeds

Do it as nature intended with our range of high quality regular indica seeds, carefully bred to give you the best product possible. The indica side of the cannabis family is known for both its appearance and the distinctive effects of its bud when smoked, making it an iconic part of cannabis culture. Indica plants are far shorter than their sativa cousins, generally growing to around 50-150cm tall with a squat and bushy shape. Unlike many sativa strains, indica plants can generally be grown indoors more easily because they are small and low maintenance. These indica seeds are totally natural and haven’t been altered in any way. Natural seeds, unlike the feminized kind, have a 50/50 chance of being male or female. So for those of you who like to breed strains, the males can provide pollen while the females can produce the bud. This gives regular seeds several advantages over feminized seeds and to this day natural seeds remain popular with many customers.


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10%-14% Over 22%
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8-10 Weeks 12-14 Weeks
Short: 60cm-100cm Tall: 180cm-220cm
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