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At 420 Seed Bank we stock all of the best Cookies cannabis seeds under one roof. With strains like Gorilla Cookies leading the charge in potency and taste, our collection offers a diverse selection of Cookies strains. Whether you're looking for sweet, desert-like flavors, or a balanced high with uplifting and relaxing effects, 420 Seeds is your go-to for top-shelf Cookies genetics. Explore our range and experience the legendary Cookies today!

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  1. Royal Cookies by Royal Queen Seeds
    Royal Cookies Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds By Royal Queen Seeds
    From: Now US$22.96 Was US$30.61
    • THC: Over 22%
    • Yield: 400-500gr/m²
    • Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks
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What are Cookies cannabis seeds?

Cookies cannabis seeds hit the scene back in 2008 with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain, which instantly became one of the most sought-after strains Northern California has to offer. Some strains make waves, and then slowly fade away into history. But a select few, like cookies, cannonball into the gene pool and create a legacy that continues to grow...

First brought into existence by legendary NorCal grower Jigga, alongside rapper Berner, the true lineage of GSC is a bit of a mystery, with most claiming it to be a cross between Durban Poison, OG Kush, and the South African landrace Durban Poison. But, according to Jigga himself, the strain is actually a cross between an F1 Durban Poison and an OG Kush backcross.

Either way, the result is one of the most delicious, well-balanced hybrids ever brought to market. A potent, THC-rich strain with a sweet, creamy, and earthy flavour profile and an effect pallet that is the true embodiment of 'crowd-pleasing'.

Cookies strains taste

Each and every offshoot of cookies will taste slightly different, but they all have one thing in common - a scrumptiously unique flavour profile. Most commonly, the Cookies family of strains will have a sweet, rich, baked goods taste with hints of vanilla and chocolate. Some strains lean a little more to the fresh, minty side of the spectrum, while others have a more earthy, woody taste.

Regardless of the specific flavour profile, one thing is for sure - Cookies strains changed the game when it comes to taste in the weed world. We are all now pretty used to enjoying weed that tastes as good as Cookies strains do, but back in the day, it was a novelty that sparked a whole new craze.

Cookies strains effects

'Cookies' cultivars are the queens of the evenly-balanced hybrid category.

While we can't lump the entire Cookies crowd into one basket when discussing effects, as each strain is unique, there are a few common characteristics that almost all Cookies strains share.

Balance is the name of the game. Most Cookies cultivars start out with a clean, euphoric, and energizing kick that is much more on the Sativa side of the scale. This initial rush usually lasts for around half an hour and slowly melds into a relaxing, calming feeling that is much more Indica in nature.

This 'coming down' effect is perfect for those looking to unwind without feeling completely wiped out. It's also great for social situations, allowing you to stay 'in the moment' while feeling relaxed and at ease.

What is the strongest Cookie strain?

The strongest strain in the Cookies family currently available is Gorilla Cookies.

Topping out at around 28% THC and easily averaging 23 to 25% THC in all grow media (soil, coco-coir, or full hydro), Gorilla Cookies is the type of strain that growers of all experience levels should try once in their cultivation career. Easy to grow, louder than a Cyprus Hill concert, and with a flavor profile very much in line with the original GSC, Gorilla Cookies is a must-grow, plain and simple.

This powerhouse combines the genetics of two legendary strains, Gorilla Glue and the original GSC, to create a super-potent hybrid.

What are the best Cookie strains?

Other than Gorilla Cookies, there are a few standouts among the Cookies bunch that are definitely worth trying.

  • Royal Cookies by Royal Queen Seeds - Can Royal Queen Seeds do no wrong? This ridiculous strain comes in hot with a THC content of over 23%, not as strong as GC but still a banger. It can yield between 400-500 grams per square meter and takes 10-12 weeks to flower. But what really makes her a stand out? Her relaxing, joy-filled, Indica based high that last for hours.
  • Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower by Auto Seeds - If you want to try the OG Girl Scout Cookies, but don't have the time for a full photoperiod grow, then say hello to the best autoflowering GSC of all time. The flavour profile and effects mirror the original strain, but the autoflowering genetics mean you can go from seed to harvest with this bad girl in as little as eight weeks. Plus, she’s from, so you know she’s going to be top-quality.
  • GMO Cookies by 420 Seeds - Our very own GMO Cookies boasts THC levels between 24%-26%, making it one of the strongest in the Cookies family. Yields can top the golden 600 g per square metre mark easily when grown with hydroponics, and organic soil growers will see a minimum of 450 g per square metre when the environment is dialled in.

Buy the best Cookie seeds from 420 seeds

If you want to browse the most exhaustive collection of Cookies seeds on the planet, then you've found the right spot.

Here at 420 Seeds, we do not compromise on quality. It's what we are known for, and we are proud of it. Here we've curated a Cookies menu deserving of the strain's legacy, which showcases how far the Cookies genetic line has come in the past 15 years.

We offer guaranteed worldwide delivery and free seeds with every purchase. Plus, if you have any questions or concerns along the way, our team of expert growers are always happy to help. So don't hesitate - join the 420 Seeds family, and take your growing game up a few notches!