Girl Scout Cookies by Auto Seeds

Breeder: Auto Seeds
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Few strains are as loved as Girl Scout Cookies. And its popularity is well-earned: ridiculous THC levels, high yields, and a massive array of recreational and therapeutic benefits come standard with this strain. It’s won multiple Cannabis Cups and has become a dispensary favorite across America. And now the great specialist breeders at Auto Seeds have developed an autoflowering variety: the mindblowing Girl Scout Cookies Auto.
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THC ContentOver 22%
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicInstant strong cerebral high and body buzz – Fast and Hard hitting
BreederAuto Seeds
GeneticsGirl Scout Cookies x MIG 29 Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis

Strain Traits


Key Features

Auto Seeds developed this strain by crossing the original Girl Scout Cookies with MiG-29. The result is an autoflowering strain that offers all the bang of Girl Scout Cookies and adds astonishingly rapid grow times and even greater yields.

Plants reach heights of around 100-180cm but still manage to yield an impressive 500-600g/m2. But that’s not all: grown indoors, Girl Scout Cookies Auto flower in under 8 weeks. This makes for a strain that’s potent, high-yielding, and incredibly easy to grow.

Product Description

With monumental THC levels of over 22%, Girl Scout Cookies Auto packs a punch. The buzz comes in waves, starting with euphoria, moving on to total body relaxation, and ending with couchlock. Giddiness and laughing fits are common, as are periods of calm introspection. This makes Girl Scout Cookies Auto a great nighttime strain.

It’s also a potent treatment for pain, cramps, inflammation and muscle tension. Sedative properties make it an effective stress-reliever, while its tranquilizing powers are superb for combatting insomnia.

When it comes to appearances, this strain is a pretty one. Deep green calyxes frame contrastingly light-colored buds that are sprinkled with white trichomes. A closer look reveals dark purple hues and burning orange pistils.

The scent is just as you’d expect. A skunky, earthy aroma is complemented by notes of mint that grow stronger as you linger. The taste keeps some of this earthiness but is noticeably sweeter: mint is even more prominent in a flavor profile that’s deliciously rich, giving a truly mouthwatering, dessert-like smoke.

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