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Explore our collection of Blue Dream seeds, a legendary hybrid born in sunny Santa Cruz and bred from a cross of Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream offers an energizing yet relaxing high with rich berry and tropical fruit flavors and a hint of spice. Perfect for any time of the day, Blue Dream is a favorite among growers and smokers alike and has remained one of the most popular strains for over 20 years.

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Blue Dream strain history

Hailing from the sunny shores of Santa Cruz, Blue Dream first surfed onto the scene back in 2003, and quickly became the go-to cultivar for most North Cali growers and smokers alike. From there, it travelled up and down the West Coast, and the rest is history.

Blue Dream's popularity has only continued to grow. A pure cross of Blueberry (Indica) and Haze (Sativa), this cultivar offers a really well-balanced high that resonates as highly with medical patients as it does with the everyday crowd.

Often credited as being "The most popular strain of weed" across recreationally legal states, the legacy that Blue Dream has created in the last 20+ years is a testament to its quality and consistency.

Are Blue Dream seeds easy to grow?

Yes, Blue Dream seeds are more than manageable for most growers, and while not the easiest option available, she is still a great choice for beginners looking to cut their cultivation teeth.

Not the easiest, and also not overly difficult, Blue Dream is a great intermediate strain that is perfect for practising different stress training techniques. The max height of 180 to 220 cm comes from the Sativa dominance, which means that most growers will want to manipulate the overall height.

We have messed around with a bunch of training options and find that using a ScrOG net in combination with early and often LST works absolute wonders for the dreamiest of all the blues. Make sure to have that screen in place a week before flipping to flower production and expect to harvest about 8 to 10 weeks later!

Preferred climate

Blue Dream thrives best in tropical, sub-tropical, and warmer climates than most strains. Sativa strains were originally birthed in the equatorial zone, so if you live somewhere that's on the chilly side, you will need to maximize this strain's potential by either cultivating in a greenhouse or indoors.

A temperature range of 24 to 30 degrees Celsius will keep Blue Dream happy and producing massive yields. Remember that humidity control is key when growing this strain, especially if you have the temps up, as mildew can hit fast. Keep the RH below 60% for the first few weeks, then below 50% once flowering begins.

What is Blue Dream good for?

Medically, Blue Dream is highly regarded for its ability to alleviate symptoms of depression, pain, and stress.

Her balanced effects offer a gentle but noticeable upward tick in mood, and the body-soothing traits can also address diverse types of pain, offering a natural alternative for pain management. Chronic pain sufferers often point to Blue Dream as their number one strain choice for these reasons.

From the recreational side, Blue Dream is an all-day, every-day sort of smoke. She won't glue you to the couch or scatter your thoughts too far in the clouds. Instead, she offers a smooth and consistent buzz equally suitable for socializing or relaxing alone.

How much can Blue Dream yield?

Blue Dream is a big girl, no two ways around it, offering growers the chance to pull between 500 to 600 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoor growers are at the mercy of the gods, but if you have a good season climatically, you are going to be trimming for weeks.

Blue Dream flowering time

Blue Dream typically has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks.

What are the effects of Blue Dream weed?

Blue Dream weed is known for starting out with energizing, uplifting effects, which slowly shift to a more even and relaxing high.

This strain strikes that beautiful hybrid balance that so many cultivars, unfortunately, miss - expect to feel the full spectrum of cannabis effects in a few (around 3 to 4) hours and to come out of the experience refreshed and clear-headed.

An "all-hours-of-the-day" type of strain if there ever was one!

What does Blue Dream taste and smell like?

Thanks to her blueberry background, the first thing you are going to taste, and smell is berry heavy with a dash of skunkiness.

Expect rich aromas of sugary berries with hints of tropical fruit and a pinch of spice on the exhale. The flavour profile is very much in line with the scent, making Blue Dream a real treat for the senses.

And if you're lucky enough to stumble upon a phenotype with some purple hues, be prepared for an extra boost of sweet berry flavour and aroma!

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