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Feminized Outdoor Seeds

Every variety of cannabis plant has its own preference for where and how it grows. These outdoor strains prefer to keep things natural and are a fantastic option for those in warm climates. The main thing to consider for outdoor strains is whether their environment is suitable for them. Cannabis plants grow all around the world naturally and certain strains require some hot and sunny conditions to reach their potential. Not all cannabis plants are so demanding though and many strains will put up with cooler temperatures, harsh winds and little sunlight with ease. For these strains, the natural soil and fresh air are better than the comforts provided by a controlled indoor environment. The benefits of growing a cannabis plant oudoors is not only does nature do all the hard work, but its cost effective. Certainly, it’s important to look out for pests and diseases that can cause damage, but the potential difficulties caused by these are balanced by the good of the plant growing as nature intended. These outdoor feminized seeds are some of our most popular products and we have quite an exciting selection for you to choose from.


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