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Feminized Indica Seeds

The indica plant may be rather small compared to some sativas out there, but it punches well above its weight and can often either match or completely outperform its taller relatives. Being a smaller plant, indica strains tend to be much more sturdy and solid and grow in a bushy, thick shape. Indicas can cope with stronger winds and less growing room a little better than their outstretched sativa cousins. However, they generally grow well indoors and often even prefer it too. Indica plants are generally tough anyway, keeping them inside means that pests and diseases become even less of a problem. The bud of the indica plant is known for its rich physical effects when smoked. This offers a deeply satisfying sense of relaxation that spreads through the body and clears away the stresses of the day. This sensation can become powerful if more is smoked, often causing sleepiness which is perfect for those suffering from insomnia. This selection of indica seeds come in their feminized form, producing only female plants. As only female cannabis plants produce flowers, feminized seeds have become the favourite type of seeds for many customers.


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