Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

Our range of autoflowering outdoor seeds allows you to combine the benefits of ruderalis genetics with strains that simply love the great outdoors. Most varieties of cannabis simply need the outdoors to reach their potential, with the natural light and fresh soil helping them grow vigorously and naturally. The term ‘autoflowering’ indicates that the strain has a parent of the ruderalis variety, which means that the plant will have a few qualities rarely found in photoperiod strains. The main difference being that autoflowering strains can grow regardless of how much light they get. This makes them ideal starting strains for beginners and new medical growers. Autoflowers have a greater resistance to diseases and pests which is an advantage to plants that grow outdoors. They also have a far greater tolerance for lower temperatures and harvest quicker than most photoperiod strains. Small in size, autolfowers grow up to 1 metre on average, allowing for multiple grows and ability to maximise your harvests. What more could you want?

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Can you grow autoflowers outdoors?

Heck yeah! In fact, autos are among the best options for outdoor growers for a couple of potentially surprising reasons...

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out down the long road to cultivation mastery or if you're already a seasoned pro, autoflower seeds are well worth your time - especially if you like to grow your weed out in Mother Nature's playground!

What makes autoflowering strains so suited to outdoor cultivation?

Autos come with a natural boost against pests, diseases, and mold issues

Growing outside means you're dealing with a lot more variables than you would be in a tent or a closet. You've got all sorts of little critters, inclement weather, and other climatic changes that can make growing super challenging.  Autos have a high natural resistance to many of these annoyances, making them a great choice for outdoor cultivation.

Autos can handle a range of climatic conditions

One of the beautiful things about autoflowers is their Ruderalis genetic background. Ruderalis plants naturally evolved to grow in harsh environments, so they carry some unique traits. Not only are they good defenders against pests and disease, but they can also tolerate a range of temperature and light conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor grows, where climatic changes are inevitable.

Autos are usually compact and stealthy

While some autos can get pretty tall, most tend to stay on the compact side compared to traditional photoperiod strains. This means they are easier to hide in your garden and less likely to attract unwanted attention. Plus, their smaller size makes them a better choice for guerrilla growing or discreet outdoor operations.

Autos have short life cycles

Most autos go all the way from seed to harvest in just 10-12 weeks. This speedy growth makes them a great choice for outdoor growers who want to get multiple crops, or those who live in areas with shorter summers. Plus, shorter life cycles mean less time to deal with potential issues and more time to enjoy your bountiful harvest!

How much can an autoflower grown outdoors yield?

Outdoor-grown autos will usually yield between 50 to 300 grams per plant, sometimes even more.

There is really no straightforward answer to the question, as the final yield is highly dependent on the growing conditions, the strain, the experience and skill of the grower, the type of cultivation methods implemented, and a sprinkling of luck.

Autoflowering weed cultivars thrive when exposed to as much sunlight as possible, proper nutrition, high quality growing media, and light plant training methods. As they only have a short vegetative growth window, most growers stay away from invasive training like topping, supercropping, and fimming. LST and ScrOG nets are the way to go with autos in an outdoor grow.

Do autos grown outside need nutrients?

Yes, autos grown outside need nutrients just like any other plant.

Autos often only need a light feed (when compared to photoperiodic plants), but if you are wanting to push the limits of the strains yield potential, then making sure they have all the nutrients they want and need throughout the entire lifecycle is imperative.

Soil growers should look to use a high-quality organic mix with plenty of beneficial microbes which will aid root development. You may want to look into synthetic supplements to help improve yields., but this isn't necessary if you're a beginner, or if you have a really good soil base.

Is rainwater good for autoflowers?

Rainwater is perfect for autoflowers, especially if you are growing organically. It's naturally soft and free from the chlorine and fluorides found in tap water, making it more compatible with the needs of cannabis plants than tap water.

Rainwater also has a balanced pH and may contain beneficial nutrients that can help plants grow. Using rainwater for your autoflowers can promote healthy growth and potentially improve your harvest.

But remember, the last thing you want is wet buds, as this can quickly lead to bud rot and wreck your entire crop. Protecting your plants from heavy rain by setting up some sort of shelter can help prevent this issue.