Indoor Autoflower Seeds

These indoor autoflowering strains are a breeze to grow and produce the fastest harvests. The term ‘autoflower’ indicates that the marijuana seeds have ruderalis genetics, with at least one autoflowering strain in their parentage. Autoflowering strains have gained a large amount of popularity because of their robust and reliable growing habits. Each seed is fully packed with robust genetics that so many buyers appreciate. Our indoor seeds may just as easily be a rich indica, a potent sativa or quality hybrid and all from the best breeders in the business. Plants that prefer to grow indoors benefit from having their environment controlled, protecting them from harsh weather and endless plant pests. Strains that prefer warmer temperatures are no longer restricted to only tropical or mediterranean environments. Autoflowers make great strains for beginners, as they autoflower and do not need the usual light cycles to grow healthily. Adding some ruderalis genetics into the mix gives the strain the ability to cope with cooler temperatures, flower quickly, and stay shorter. This last point is especially important when considering how little space there often is in indoor environments.

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