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Indica Autoflower Seeds

The indica genetic line is well known for its distinctive appearance and the relaxing effects of its bud when smoked. These effects give the infamous ‘stone’ that many associate with the cannabis plant, making indicas an effective solution for stress and the pressures of life. Plenty of people use indicas to fight off insomnia and anxiety and find it useful for managing the many demands in their lives. Depending on the strength of the strain, these effects may be mild and chilled or heavy, giving you serious couch lock with a relaxing feel. Indicas are generally thought of as being slightly less demanding growers than sativas. The indica plant tends to stay fairly short with a bushy shape and most indicas grow fairly well in both indoor and outdoor environments. These seeds as are surprisingly tough, have good resistance against pests and disease and easily make it through the cooler night-time temperatures.This is only helped by the ruderalis genetics found in all our autoflowering indica seeds. These properties typically include the ruderalis’ short height, their tolerance to colder temperatures and most importantly their ability to flower regardless of how much light they get. This makes our range of autoflowering indica seeds first rate strains when it comes to resilience and dependability. It is because of this autoflowering strains are ideal for beginner growers.


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