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While any type of marijuana could potentially be grown indoors, there are certain types of marijuana seeds that really thrive when they’re taken inside. It’s not just the marijuana that will benefit from indoor grows, there are many growers that love it too. This is because they can control the light, heat, humidity and anything else that will affect their grow. Growing inside allows people to grow all year long, which can be a real benefit in seasonal climates. Though many growers choose seeds based on climate conditions in their area, this is not necessary with indoor marijuana seeds. Instead, growers can focus on what type of strain they want to grow, the yield they’re looking for, and what type of high they want. One of the best benefits that comes with indoor strains is that flowering times are often much shorter. Instead of waiting for an entire season to pass, those growing inside should see flowering times of just eight to ten weeks. There are some strains that are better suited to indoors conditions Afghan, Northern Lights, and Big Bud are some of those strains to name a few.


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