Top 44 Feminized Marijuana seeds

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Top 44 Feminized is about as easy to grow as a strain can be without actually being autoflowering. Its super fast, requires very little in the way of care and can be cultivated indoors or out.
Price: US$49.85
THC Content10%-14%
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm

Strain Traits


It’s very much an Indica-dominant hybrid, so it stays nicely compact and will be perfectly happy on a small balcony as long as it gets plenty of light. Alternatively bring it indoors and, if you’re looking to grow weed in quantity, put it into a sea-of-green set-up. It’s mould resistant, robust and can flowers in about 44 days (hence the name). The resulting weed has a flavour which balances sweetness with citrus and is very easy on the throat. Medically it’s a good choice for those suffering from stress and can be used during the day.
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