Strawberry Cake Feminized by Heavyweight Seeds

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Strawberry Cake is just as delicious as its name suggests but it’s not just about taste, it has plenty of medical power too and some excellent genetics.
Price: US$25.40
THC Content19%-22%
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm

Strain Traits


Strawberry Cake has 22% THC and tastes like a luscious strawberry cheesecake. As if that weren't enough, it's short, fast and very generous with its yields. What's more it's backed by some classic genetics, which give a combination of all-round quality and hardy robustness, so it's a great choice for beginners.

With 22% THC, Strawberry Cake gets to work quickly and effectively on physical pain. This strain is often dispensed for arthritis and is also popular for muscle pain. It delivers the classic Sativa head high, which is both upbeat and relaxing, but fundamentally it's an Indica dominant and it also has an average of just over 1% CBD so you also get a luscious full-body stone to go with it.

In terms of taste, Strawberry Cake might be better described as タワstrawberry cheesecakeタン as there's a nice balance of the sweetness of strawberries and the rich pungency of cheese. This carries over into the aroma which is the sort of scent which can perk you up all by itself.

There's more good news. When it comes to height, Strawberry Cake is more like タワstrawberry shortcakeタン. Indoors it can stay as short as 80 cm and even at full strength outdoors, it will usually finish at a maximum of 1.3M. Indoors it will be ready after about 8 weeks of flowering and can deliver up to 500g/m2 and outdoors you will collect up to 700g per plant.

Genetically, Strawberry Cake is a three-way cross between Chronic, White Widow and Cheese. Chronic is itself a three-way cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47 and White Widow and Cheese need no introduction. These strains are all known for their hardiness and robustness as well as their quality and Strawberry Cake clearly takes after its various parents.

Use Strawberry Cake in the daytime for pain, stress and depression and at night for insomnia.

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