CBD Seeds

High CBD cannabis seeds have been specifically bred to produce plants with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound known for its therapeutic benefits. These strains cater to users seeking relief from various conditions like anxiety, pain, and inflammation without the intense high associated with THC. At 420 Seed Bank, we stand out in the high CBD seed market. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, partnering exclusively with top-tier breeders. Whether you are growing for medical reasons or just want to see what CBD weed is all about, our high CBD seeds are the perfect starting point.

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What are CBD seeds?

CBD seeds are exactly what they sound like - seeds that grow into thriving weed plants bursting to the absolute brim with the second most active cannabinoid known to man, CBD.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is going through a total transformation in terms of how it's viewed, not just by weed enthusiasts, but by everyone. This is thanks to the ever-increasing number of studies that show the potential benefits of CBD for human health and well-being.

These seeds are ideal for people seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the intense psychoactive effects commonly associated with high THC strains. Growing high CBD seeds can provide you with a natural source of relief for ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

What is CBD good for?

For the uninitiated, the truly mind-blowing list of therapeutic effects that CBD has to offer might come as a bit of a surprise. As the world slowly opens up to the idea of cannabis being applied in medical settings, the availability that researchers and doctors have to conduct research on the compounds within cannabis has grown substantially. As a result, we're now able to gain a deeper understanding of CBD's medical effects and therapeutic potential.

Here's a breakdown of some of the most common uses for CBD:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which can make it effective in treating a wide range of conditions, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and certain autoimmune diseases.
  • Pain Relief: Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce pain by interacting with receptors in the brain and immune system, reducing inflammation and providing relief for chronic pain conditions.
  • Anxiety & Depression: CBD has been shown to have a positive effect on serotonin receptors in the brain, which can help regulate mood and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Neuroprotective Properties: Research has shown that CBD can have neuroprotective properties, meaning it may be able to protect the brain from conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
  • Anti-Seizure Effects: Several studies have found that CBD can help reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, making it a potential alternative treatment for those who do not respond well to traditional medications.
  • Improving Sleep: CBD has been shown to help improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia, making it a potential natural remedy for those who struggle with sleep disorders.

How potent are your high CBD strains?

That all depends on the strain you choose to grow, but just like the recreational THC strain market, the last decade has seen a massive growth in CBD potency levels available.

There are a wide variety of high CBD strains available with various levels of potency. Some strains have a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, while others could have a higher concentration of CBD compared to THC, and some contain next to no THC at all.

Our aim here at 420Seeds is to offer our customers a diverse selection of high CBD strains to choose from, so everybody has the chance to grow a cultivar that suits their individual tastes and needs.

Are CBD seeds legal to grow?

The legality of growing CBD seeds varies depending on your location and the THC content of the plants.

When talking about high-potency CBD strains that contain very little THC, the term "hemp" is often used. These plants are typically legal to grow in most countries due to their low THC levels, which do not produce psychoactive effects.

However, it's important to look into your local, state, and federal laws before you start growing CBD seeds. Some areas may have stricter regulations on cannabis cultivation, even if the plants are classified as hemp.

  • In the UK, it is completely illegal to grow any hemp plants, regardless of their THC content, without the correct licenses which are only granted to commercial farmers and researchers.
  • In contrast, in the US, growing hemp is legal at the federal level meaning that as long as your chosen strain produces less than 0.3% THC, you are free to grow it in most states.
  • In Australia, growing hemp is legal with the appropriate permit, but regulations may vary by state and territory. These licenses have historically been almost impossible to obtain for hobby growers, but attitudes are changing, and it's becoming easier for your everyday home grower to secure a permit.

How much can you yield from CBD strains?

As with any cannabis strain, the final yield comes down to a huge range of factors.

Not only does your skill as a grower come into play, but also growing conditions, the specific cultivation technique used, and most importantly the genetics of your chosen strain.

With that laid out, again thanks to the huge advancements made in the genetic stability and selection of CBD-focused plants, most strains are now capable of producing ridiculously impressive yields when grown correctly.

The yield from CBD strains can vary, but usually, you can expect to harvest around 300 - 600 grams per square meter when grown indoors. Outdoors, you're looking at around 200 to 400 grams per plant, but this can again vary depending on growing conditions and strain genetics.

If you're growing high CBD autoflowering cultivars like some of our specialized strains, you can get up to 200 grams per plant in less than 10 weeks!