45 Day Autoflower Seeds

Need a strain that you can turn around fast? Our 45 day autoflowers will grow from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks with only a 45 day flowering period. 45 day autoflower seeds are perfect if you live in a location with short summers or you simply need weed in a hurry. Shop now and you could have a finished plant in just 8 weeks!

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What are 45 day autoflower seeds?

It's simple - they're the fastest-finishing autoflowering weed strains that have ever been made available to the consumer cannabis seed market!

It doesn't matter if you are new to the weed-growing game or a regular Dr Greenthumb who is just a little impatient.

Say hello to your new best friend - our 45-Day Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. Designed with beginners in mind but perfect for growers at any level, these seeds can truly revolutionise your indoor garden and bump up that yield potential year-round.

How long does it take to grow a 45 day autoflower?

These babies are your fast track to huge yields - from seed to harvest in around 55 to 70 days (depending on which 45 day autoflower cultivar you choose).

Generally, you’re looking at a 55 to 70-day life cycle. Thanks to their autoflowering Ruderalis nature, they start flowering sooner (between weeks 2 and 4), speeding up the whole process. And while they might be quick, each strain has its own pace, offering flexibility to fit your schedule.

Are they as potent as our photoperiodic strains?

Yes indeed! Well, almost...

In truth, there has to be a little bit of give to fit in the Ruderalis genetics. You will often see a slight discrepancy between the THC levels of a photoperiodic strain and the autoflowering version, but in reality, there isn't much of a difference at all. In the current age of weed, we have a bunch of plus 25% THC autos!

How much do 45 day autoflowers yield?

Not as much as plants that grow for longer periods, but still a pretty impressive bundle of buds!

Don't worry about the yields too much with 45-day autos. With everything from genetics to your TLC playing a part, you can expect a generous 2 to 4  ounces per plant. Remember, optimal conditions can push these numbers higher, making every grow an opportunity to outdo the last.

And on top of how quickly they finish, they also offer growers the chance to really experiment, even if they don't have a lot of space to play with.

If the thought of managing different plants at various stages under one light sounds daunting, fear not. Our autoflowers are easy-going, letting you grow plants at different stages of their lifecycle together harmoniously.

Plus, setting up a perpetual harvest routine? Easy peasy.

Thanks to the fact that all autoflowering seeds grow under one simple light schedule (18/6 or 20/4) for the entire lifeycle, you can have plants at different stages of growth under the same light, without any interruptions to your lighting routine. This means you can continuously harvest plants every week, month, or whenever works for you

What are the fastest 45-day autoflowering strains?

Among the speedsters, strains like “Quick One,” “Royal Dwarf,” and “Honey Cream Fast Flowering” stand out. They're not just fast - they pack a punch in quality and taste, proving quick turnarounds don't have to mean compromises.

  • Quick One is known for its rapid and explosive growth, often ready for harvest in less than 8 weeks from germination. With a THC percentage at around 18%, a slight Indica dominance that offers a subtle Sativa kick, and with the potential to produce 150 grams per plant indoors, its no wonder she's one of the popular girls.
  • Royal Dwarf is the little sister of White Dwarf, and boy, does it show. A rue 'mini-me', this strain combines a compact size with a swift life cycle while still pumping out 2 to 3 ounces outdoors or more in perfect conditions, making it ideal for growers who need to keep everything discreet.
  • OG Kush Auto is one of the best strains from Nirvana seeds in the past few years, and that's really saying something. It offers a sweet taste and a quick finish, often ready in around 7 to 8 weeks. This strain is perfect if you're looking for an auto version of an OG classic. Speedy turnaround without sacrificing quality or potency, what more could you want?