+ Speed Auto Feminized by Sweet Seeds

Breeder: Sweet Seeds
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If you want quality but don’t want to wait for it then + Speed Auto could be the perfect strain to give you an express delivery of excellent bud.
Price: US$27.18
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
BreederSweet Seeds
GeneticsCritical Mass Automatic 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Strain Traits


+ Speed Auto delivers 15% to 20% THC and it delivers it in a total of just 7 weeks (from seed to bud). Yields are very generous, especially for a plant this small and it's nicely robust, so a good choice for both outdoor growers and beginners.

With 15% to 20% THC, + Speed Auto provides fast acting relief to both physical pain and negative emotional states. It's still an Indica dominant and is moderately high on CBD (about 0.7%), so the initial lift will gently fade into a cosy and relaxing full-body buzz.

In terms of taste, + Speed Auto has fresh and fruity top notes layered on top of yeast and cheese. The fragrance is likewise a delicious blend of light, sweet freshness and robust pungency.

As you would expect from a strain which completes its entire growth cycle in just 7 weeks (regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors), + Speed Auto just doesn't have time to grow very tall. It usually stays with a range of 50 cm (indoor minimum) to 90 cm (outdoor maximum). For all that, it's a decent yielder and you can collect up to 450g/m2 indoors or 75g per plant outdoors.

Genetically, + Speed Auto is based on {Critical Mass x Unknown Ruderalis} x Speed Devil #2, which is a very solid base for a hardy little strain. Critical Mass is a hybrid of Afghanistani and Skunk #1, the former of which is basically a domesticated landrace strain and the latter of which is full of landrace genetics. The addition of Ruderalis adds even more vigour as well as making the strain autoflowering.

Use + Speed Auto at night for pain, insomnia, stress and depression.

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