Special Queen #1 Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds

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Special Queen #1 is one speed strain, but for all it’s a quick mover it still provides plenty of THC, taste and bud.
Price: US$11.43
THC Content15%-18%
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm

Strain Traits


Special Queen #1 offers 18% THC and a very regal taste. It's a vigorous grower so it's ready for harvest after just 7 to 8 weeks of flowering and yields are extremely good for a plant this quick. The robust genetics make this strain a good choice for beginners and anyone short on time.

With 18% THC, Special Queen #1 is no slouch when it comes to sending pain on its way with a royal wave. It is also strong enough to provide a noticeable lift to your mood without ever pulling you into a full-on THC high. Although Special Queen #1 is a balanced hybrid, the CBD is quite low, so the lift simply glides down into a gentle, comforting body buzz, rather than a deep stone.

The taste of Special Queen #1 is packed full of fresh-fruit sweetness, but it's spicy too and there's a touch of skunk pungency. Likewise the aroma is fruity without being cloying.

Special Queen #1 is a vigorous grower. Indoors it will usually stick within a range of 80 cm to 1.4M but if you have the space to let it stretch outdoors, then it can get close to 3M in height. Having said that Special Queen #1 has a compact structure with lots of branches, which makes plant training very straightforward, if you need to ensure its height stays on the lower side of this range. Indoors it will be ready after a mere 7 to 8 weeks and will yield up to 500g/m2 and outdoors you can expect to harvest around the end of September or start of October and to collect up to 550g per plant.

Genetically Special Queen #1 is a cross between two might strains タモ Power Bud and Skunk. That means you're all set for a nice, hassle-free grow.

Use Special Queen #1 in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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