Special Kush #1 Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds

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Kush is arguably one of the most special marijuana families there is and has played a major role in the creation of some genuinely legendary strains, so calling a strain “Special Kush #1” sets a high bar and fortunately this strain manages to clear it.
Price: US$10.55
THC Content15%-18%
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm

Strain Traits


Special Kush #1 provides 17% THC and all that classic Kush taste together with very respectable yields. It will grow happily indoors or outdoors and is both quick enough and hardy enough to be a good choice for growers in north Europe battling the weather and also for beginners on a learning curve.

With 17% THC, Special Kush #1 is in that special place where it has enough power to deliver meaningful pain relief and also lift up your mood when you're feeling low, but is still mild enough to work with a gentle touch instead of pulling you into a full-on THC high, whether you want it or not. Interestingly, even though this train is 80% Indica, the CBD level is fairly low so after the initial lift you find yourself in a light and relaxing body buzz, rather than a deep stone. It's pleasant and relaxing but won't leave you feeling anchored to the couch.

The taste of special Kush certainly has sweetness to it, but it's the robust sweetness of freshly-ploughed earth and it's balanced by spiciness and pungency. The aroma is full-bodied and robust but also warm.

Indoors, Special Kush #1 tends to stay on the compact side and will typically grow within a range of 60 cm to 1M. If you have plenty of space outdoors it can stretch as high as 2.7M and produce huge harvests, but otherwise it will happily stay closer to its indoor size. Indoors it will finish flowering in 7 to 8 weeks and can produce up to 450g/m2. Outdoors it will be ready around the end of September and can yield up to 550g per plant (at average size).

Genetically Special Kush #1 is a cross between Afghan and Kush and you can't get much more robust than that.

Special Kush #1 at any time for pain, stress and depression.

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