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Want all of the potent, uplifting characteristics of Sour Diesel in an autoflowering strain? Well, look no further. Legendary Californian breeders Humboldt Seed Organization bring you Sour Diesel Auto. A strain that packs all of the infamous Sour Diesel punch that’s even easier to grow. What’s not to love?

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THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time12-14 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
BreederHumboldt Seed Organisation
GeneticsSour Diesel#2 x Ruderalis Sativa Dominant

Strain Traits


Key Features

The product of Sour Diesel #2 and a sativa-dominant ruderalis, this strain retains all the key traits of Sour Diesel. Users will enjoy a mentally energizing smoke that’s known to uplift, inspire, and provide a whole host of medicinal benefits.

Sour Diesel Auto is a fairly easy strain to cultivate, making it great for newbies. Plants can be grown both indoors and out, reaching heights of around 100-180cm. They also provide decent rewards for the effort you put in, with yields of 300-400g/m2. If grown indoors, they’ll flower within 12-14 weeks. Outdoor plants can be harvested between April and November.

Product Description

Sour Diesel Auto boasts THC levels of 15-18%, but its effects are what make it really special. This strain produces a distinctly mental buzz that’s both revitalizing and euphoric. Users feel a sense of vibrancy, mental alertness, and warmth that’s underscored by a mild and relaxing bodily high.

Its primary impact is highly stimulating, and Sour Diesel Auto has been known to spark creativity. Therapeutically, this strain has been used to treat conditions like depression and bipolar disorder. It’s also effective in combatting headaches and chronic pain.

Upon first sight, emerald buds stand out amidst a sea of yellow-green leaves. A frosty covering of white trichomes contrasts against reddish-orange pistils to complete the look of a modest yet attractive plant.

Like its parent, Sour Diesel Auto has a powerful aroma. A strong skunky scent is dominated by gasoline and complemented by subtle notes of orange. The taste is similarly fuel-like: diesel combines with dashes of lemon zest to produce a flavor profile that’s undeniably sour. This is a strain that will awaken your mind, your body, and your tastebuds.

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