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There’s something about pineapple that seems to bring a touch of the sun to the darkest day. Pineapple Punch brings all that gorgeous fruity sweetness into a compact and easy-to-grow package with very reasonable yields. If its unfussy nature isn’t enough to bring a smile to your face then the THC will.
Price: US$33.02
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm

Strain Traits


Auto Seeds has kept the genetics behind Pineapple Punch a closely-guarded secret, but they have revealed that it's an Indica dominant and it's based on a pineapple strain, a grapefruit strain and Ruderalis.

We can tell you that it has an average of 15% THC, which is enough to give pain relief and to give a feeling of basking in tropical sunlight on a dark day.

While the name says タワPineapple Punchタン and pineapple is clearly the key flavour, there's more fruit in there including pink grapefruit. The aroma is also full of fruit and leans to the sweet side although there's citrus in there too.

The good news for indoor growers is that Pineapple Punch is a compact strain, which will tend to grow to somewhere between 50cm and 80cm and if need be, you can use plant training to ensure that it stays on the smaller side. Pineapple Punch will complete its grow cycle in 9 to 11 weeks and will yield up to 450 g/m2 indoors and 350g per plant outdoors. For all its taste suggests that it's some exotic, tropical plant, Pineapple Punch is actually pretty straightforward to grow and should be well within the capability of beginners.

Use Pineapple Punch at night for insomnia, stress, depression and pain.

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