Pineapple Express Feminized by G13 Labs

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Pineapple Express steams from seed to bud to bring you an express delivery of mouthwatering goodness.
Price: US$40.64
THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm

Strain Traits


Pineapple Express is the taste of the tropics plus 20% THC for pain relief and to bring a little sunshine into dreary days. It's compact enough to grow indoors and quick enough to grow outdoors in shorter summers. With lots of robust genetics behind it, Pineapple Express is a great choice for beginners.

With 20% THC, Pineapple Express is no slowcoach when it comes to sorting out physical pain and emotional negativity. It's a balanced hybrid so as well as the bright, sunny head high, you also get a light but very relaxing body buzz to go along with it.

Although the name says タワPineapple Expressタン, when it comes to flavour it would probably be a bit more accurate to say タワtropical fruit saladタン express. There's certainly plenty of pineapple, but there's also citrus lemon and a hint of skunk pungency. Likewise the aroma is a blend of sweet fruitiness, citrus and a touch of skunk.

People growing indoors will be relieved to hear that Pineapple Express is sized more like an Indica than a Sativa. Left to its own devices, it will typically grow to be in the region of 1.2M to 2M in height. Generally it will be shorter indoors than outdoors. In either case, it responds well to plant training. Indoors you can expect to collect about 500g/m2 after about 8 weeks of flowering and outdoors you can expect up to 500g per plant around the start of October.

Genetically, Pineapple Express is a cross between Big Bud and selected skunks, so it's backed by some nicely robust genetics. That makes it a good choice both for beginners and for anyone who wants decent yields with minimal work.

Use Pineapple Express in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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