Original Amnesia Feminized by Dinafem

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Forget the hassle of growing old-school Haze strains, Dinafem has created Original Amnesia to give the world everything that’s great about classic Haze – without the grief involved in growing it.

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THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Plant HeightTall: 180cm-220cm

Strain Traits


Original Amnesia has 18% THC to tackle pain and help you to forget your mental troubles. It won't give you any trouble to grow either since it's both vigorous and robust, with great resistance to mould and pests. What's more you get all the classic Haze taste and sweet perfume.

With 18% THC, Original Amnesia has a nice balance between strength and gentleness. It's quite capable of dealing with pain and undesirable emotional states, but it won't overpower you with its strength either. Although the effect is mainly cerebral, it ends with a light and gentle body stone, which will leave you relaxed but nowhere near couchlocked.

The taste of Original Amnesia is Haze through and through with top notes of citrus lemon moving into the complexity of spices and then finally that warm, sweet woody base. The aroma could easily pass for incense.

It has to be said that Original Amnesia is a Sativa dominant and as such it can be quite the grower. In fact if you have the space it will quite happily shoot up to 3.5M or thereabouts タモ and deliver some monster harvests. Fortunately for indoor growers, Original Amnesia is very amenable to plant training and so its height can be kept much shorter. Indoors it will finish after just 9 weeks of flowering and can yield up to 600g/m2. Outdoors it will be ready in mid to late October and can yield up to 1.2Kg per plant.

Genetically, Original Amnesia is based on a cross between two phenotypes of Original Amnesia. Basically Dinafem took the best parents they could find and bred them together to consolidate their good characteristics.

Use Original Amnesia in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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