OG Kush Auto Feminized by Dr Krippling

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OG Kush Auto is based on a true classic and is definitely worthy of the illustrious name. It has everything you loved about OG Kush and it’s even easier to grow.
Price: US$50.80
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort: 60cm-100cm

Strain Traits


OG Kush Auto has all the quality of its famous parent in a compact, quick-growing format. It still has plenty of THC and, of course, it's packed full of that wonderful, classic Kush flavour. It's a great choice for beginners and anyone growing outdoors in places where summers are on the short side.

With 17% THC, OG Kush Auto is strong enough to relieve both physical pain and negative emotional states, but it does so with a gentle touch, giving you a bright, happy, buzzy mental lift rather than a full-on high. As it's an Indica dominant you also get a deeply relaxing body buzz to finish.

It's tempting to describe the flavour of OG Kush Auto as being Kush because it's so distinctive, it's become a description in its own right, but to be more precise it's a mixture of hash spiciness and the sweet, robustness of earth. The aroma is also warm and spicy, but there's a touch of citrus freshness and a hint of skunk pungency.

People growing indoors will be happy to hear that OG Kush Auto typically finishes at a maximum of 90 cm or so and people growing outdoors will be pleased to know that it completes its entire growing cycle in just 10 weeks so it's a feasible option for colder climates where summers are shorter. You can expect up to 450g/m2 indoors or 100g per plant outdoors.

Genetically, OG Kush Auto is simply OG Kush plus Ruderalis and it keeps all the hardy, robustness which helped to make its famous parent so popular.

Use OG Kush in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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