Northern Light x Big Bud Feminized by W.O.S. Seeds

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Northern Light x Big Bud has clearly stated parentage of these two historic cannabis strains. It is a great strain for indoor growers, remaining short and developing resin-covered buds
Price: US$28.58
THC Content:19%-22%
Flowering Time:10-12 Weeks
Plant Height:Medium: 100cm-180cm
Characteristic:Relaxing, Sedative
Breeder:World Of Seeds
Genetics:Northern Light x Big Bud 100% Indica
Awards:3rd Best Solvent 2015 Copa Cannabis Uruguay

Strain Traits


It is a 100% indica strain that produces high THC levels at 18% as well as CBD in excess of 5%.NL x BB remains a short plant indoors although growing a little taller when planted outdoors in the ground. Yields are very good indeed varying from 500 - 600 gr/m2 in 8 weeks flowering indoors up to an impressive 1200 gr/plant outdoors where harvest time will be during September in the northern hemisphere.The flavour of this weed is complex and embraces cheese, herbal/spicy flavours and woody notes. Its effect is calming and sedative and its high CBD means that it is possibly useful for a range of symptoms but especially for insomnia and pain relief.
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