White Widow Seeds

Grow the legendary White Widow strain with 420 Seeds. Combining Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica genetics White Widow seeds are known for their easy growth, producing generous yields of 400-500gr/m². With THC levels between 16%-19%, it promises an uplifting high and buds that are covered in white trichomes. Winning first place at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup and many more awards since, White Widow is a top choice for your next grow.

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White Widow strain history

Emerging from the melting pot that was (and still is) the recreational weed scene of Amsterdam in the early 1990s, White Widow, along with the original Haze, Skunk, and Northern lights, is credited as one of the most influential Dutch-born weed strains of all time.

Coming out of the 80s, the recreational cannabis arena looked completely different to today.

This was a time of mostly wild traits being crossed together, resulting in a maze of seeds, genetics, and phenos that really can't compare to what we are blessed with today. Yields were low, potency rarely tipped the 12% mark, and indoor cultivation simply wasn't common.

But with the introduction of these first 'super hybrids' like White Widow, everything changed - for the better. Suddenly people had access to strains that could blow your head off with one smoke and let you stack up a decent harvest in a small space, indoors.

White Widow's genetics are an even split of two closely held landrace secrets, but we do know that one was a Brazilian Sativa and the other a North Indian Indica. The result was one of the first true hybrids, and as soon as the breeders at Greenhouse Genetics realised what they had created, the word spread. Very quickly.

By 1995, it had already cemented itself as a true classic, and that year it took out first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup, only increasing its reach.

Thankfully, smokers and growers looking for a walk down memory lane can still get their hands on the OG White Widow seeds, right here, right now!

Are White Widow seeds easy to grow?

Yes, White Widow seeds are easy to grow. One of the main reasons (apart from its potency and gorgeous buds) that the strain became so popular is due to its ease of cultivation.

All of a sudden, the burgeoning cannabis cultivation sub-culture had a strain that was easy to grow, and that meant that droves of new growers flocked to White Widow as their first try.

In many ways, it was the perfect strain for that time. It was relatively easy to grow, even for beginners, and still produced strong yields with high potency. And as the popularity of White Widow grew, so did the demand for more advanced cultivation techniques and technology.

It was one of the first commercial strains that was properly back-bred. Its phenotype stability was unseen previously, and with the less than 10 week flowering period, all of a sudden indoor growers could rotate the crop 4-5 times per year, instead of 3.

There are a lot of super easy to grow strains out there these days, but not many as forgiving as the ever-loved White Widow.

Tips for growing your own White Widow

If you just want to chuck a couple of seeds in the ground and let them do their thing, then go right ahead. You'll be rewarded with some seriously potent buds that pack a punch and look the goods.

But if you want to maximize your yields while experimenting with a hardy, robust, and super forgiving strain, then we recommend you:

  • Top at least twice while also using LST
  • Set up a ScrOG net before flowering begins, but a little higher than usual. The stretch is real with White Widow
  • Plant in large pots - White Widow grows a huge root ball, which is reflected in her massive yields
  • Feed early and often
  • Grow in coco-coir or full hydro
  • If growing outdoors, make sure the crop is getting full sun for at least 8 hours a day

White Widow plants, when left to their own devices, will usually reach about the 2 metre mark. So you either need a grow room with a bunch of headspace, or you're going to want to manipulate that growth pattern to your advantage.

When it comes to harvest, you can look forward to a generous yield of about 400-500 grams per square meter.

Preferred Climate

White Widow thrives in sub-tropical and warm climates, but can also handle a little drop in temps. Just not for extended periods.

How Strong is White Widow?

THC content sits between 16%-19%.

How Much Can White Widow Yield?

Expect yields of 400-500 grams per square meter, growing to a height of 100cm-180cm.

White Widow Auto Flowering Time:

This strain has a quick turnaround, flowering in just 8-10 weeks.

What are the effects of White Widow weed?

The slight Sativa dominance is obvious from the first puff, offering a beautiful combination of euphoria and a boost to creativity

What does White Widow taste and smell like?

It's all about that old-school dank. Earthy, musky, and with a hint of floral that only becomes apparent in the aftertaste.

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