Malawi x Panama Feminized by Ace Seeds

Breeder: Ace Seeds
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Malawi x Panama is a a straight hybrid between the Old Malawi Killer, and the more refined Panama parental plants, creating a 100% sativa F1 hybrid that combines excellent sativa genetics from Central Africa and America.
Price: US$35.56
THC ContentOver 22%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Plant HeightTall: 180cm-220cm
BreederAce Seeds
GeneticsOld Malawi Killer x Panama – 100% Sativa

Strain Traits


In this F1, Malawi dominates with its structure and character, producing vigorous and high yielding sativas, which bring to the limit the best floral qualities of the killer Malawis: ultra resinous plants with huge trichomes, of very dense, resinous flowers of overpowering effect, where Panama contributes to the hybrid with its elaborated and complex lemony and incensey terpene profile. The effect is complex, trippy, crazy and introverted. Very deep and long lasting, both mentally and physically.
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