Incredible Bulk Feminized by Dr Krippling

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The elusive strain bred by Dr.Krippling, Incredible Bulk comes from legendary lineage as a unique three way cross of Super Skunk, Green Spirit, and Big Bud. The combo leads to high yields and a potent end-product. If you want massive yields then this is the strain for you.
Price: US$50.80
THC Content19%-22%
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Plant HeightTall: 180cm-220cm

Strain Traits


Key Features

When you mix three powerhouse indica strains, you’ll be treated to pleasingly calm effects for the body and mind. Which is exactly what Incredible Bulk Feminized delivers, after just under 8 weeks flowering time. Expect to elevate with high levels of THC that average anywhere from 19-22%. Not only does the strain produce high yields, but is relatively easy to grow making it a great choice for beginners, too.

Product Description

That’s right - Incredible Bulk lives up to its name outputting yields of over 600 g/m2. The outstanding cross has been bred for reliable and dependable results. Making it easy to manage, and quite hardy in nature. Truly, you’ll have to try to mess this one up.

The strain is versatile in growing environments, but might be better suited for outdoor environments due to its height and overall bulk. Whith it’s natural resistance to outdoor factors like pests, and molds make it even more ideal. For ceiling sake, the plant typically reaches 180 cm - 220 cm. So, indoors you’ll have to implement topping or trimming to shape in a more manageable fashion. Keep in mind though, many growers cite the strain can output maximum yields when grown hydroponically.

Incredible Bulk’s ‘bulky’ growth features densely packed buds and vibrant colors. Blues, and purples highlight deep green nugs, that burst with classic skunk aromas, and hints of musky pine. The strain’s buds are densely coated with crystal trichomes producing the strain’s potency, too. Incredible Bulk is hefty in indica dominant effects, from its trifecta of indica lineage. Making it ideal for easing pains, and providing relaxation at night.

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