Glookie Bomb By Bomb Seeds

Breeder: Bomb Seeds
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Possibly one of the most sought after crosses in marijuana breeding history: Glookie Bomb is crushing it. Gorilla Bomb crossed with a very sweet pheno of Girl Scout Cookies means that two of the best strains in the world are united. As you can imagine the results are nothing short of spectacular.
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THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicUplifting powerful Indica head and body stone
BreederBomb Seeds
Genetics Gorilla Bomb x Girl Scout Cookies

Strain Traits


THC levels easily clock in at 25% in this potent plant, but despite this strength it will not glue you to the couch. Instead there is a great balance of relaxation and motivation, meaning stress melts away leaving positive energy. Because there is an Indica dominance to this variety the stone is definitely felt more in the body and helps soothe aches and pains, but the Sativa keeps clarity in your mind. Growing Glookie Bomb is very easy, performing brilliantly in all climate types. She will naturally develop a sturdy stem and thick branches, which are needed to support the weight of massive, dense buds. A little bit of training will give even greater light penetration, boosting yields even more and will allow a compact and well structure bush shape to be maintained. Indoors it will finish up around 100-140cms without intervention and a suitable light source. Outdoors these beauties will reach around 6 feet (180cms) but will need support as the yields are monstrous. Because it responds so well to training, a sea of green or scrog setup is highly recommended as this will give you maximum yields. Indoors in optimum conditions this can tip the scales at 800gm2, yes that’s correct nearly 2 lbs of 25% THC weed. Its not just the impressive THC levels that make this strain a must try. Because of the Cookies in her lineage the taste and aroma of Glookies is truly sumptuous. However the sharper more citrus and spice flavour that Gorilla bomb adds takes the blend to another level. The aftertaste on exhale mixes the classic candy sweetness of baked cookies with a fuel tang that is unique to any strain in our range and absolutely must be tried.
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