Double Cheese Feminized by Big Buddha

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Double Cheese will delight cheese lovers everywhere, it’s not just the taste, it’s the all-round package of taste, THC and yield – without any hassle at all.
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THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm

Strain Traits


Double Cheese, isn't just cheese, it's extra-strong cheese with blueberries and 18% THC, which is a recipe for guaranteed happiness (and pain relief). All those cheese genetics make for a short, quick and robust plant, which can survive both beginners and cold, wet weather and still give great yields.

With 18% THC, Double Cheese has what it takes to deliver meaningful pain relief and give your mood a bright, happy (fruity) lift without blasting you to the moon. As Double Cheese is an Indica dominant, the initial head buzz will melt into a warm and relaxing body stone for the best of both worlds.

The taste is exactly what the name suggests タモ and then some. Of course, there's plenty of cheese, but there's also a helping of blueberries to add crispness and sweetness. The aroma is very much dominated by cheese and skunk, with less fruitiness.

Any strain with cheese in the name is likely to be on the short side and indeed Double Cheese will typically finish at one metre or thereabouts regardless of whether you're growing it indoors or outdoors. Indoors it will be ready after about 8 to 10 weeks flowering and will yield about 450g/m2 and outdoors it will be ready around the end of September or beginning of October and yield about 450g per plant.

Genetically, Double Cheese is a cross between Blue Cheese (which is itself a cross between UK Cheese and Blueberry) and Big Buddha's own version of Cheese (which is based on UK Cheese). In other words, this is a strain with seriously robust and hardy genetics. It's perfect for a beginner's first grow or for anyone who's pushed for time.

Use Double cheese in the daytime for pain, fatigue, stress and depression.

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