Bubblegum x Fat Hog by Growers Choice

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Bubble Gum is a medium tall, usually not too branchy plant with compact, crystal covered buds. Originally, bubblegum was developed by growers in Indiana USA. From there the genetic material through New England went to Netherlands.
Price: US$25.40
THC ContentOver 22%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
BreederGrowers Choice
GeneticsBubblegum x Hog
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant

Strain Traits


The only thing about the original bubblegum is that is does not give high yields. The plants are short and the flowers rockhard. Growerschoice main breeder was thinking on how to keep the ideal qualities of the original strain. But make it a little bit bigger in a shorter time and make it yield more than normall. So the fat HOG came into the picture. A plant that produces massive yields but where the flowers are not that dense and the flavour is not all that. It took many generations to finally produce this stable Bubble Gum x fat HOG, with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high. Keeping the extreme rockhard buds but increasing the yield dramaticly. Together with our monsterbud this is the highest yielder in our range. The end product of these cannabis seeds is very popular in Dutch coffee shops and has been on their list for many years and many years to come. Not suited for SOG or Scrogg, don't top or train it, just keep it original like a little christmas tree
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