Auto White Widow Feminized by Pyramid Seeds

Breeder: Pyramid Seeds
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Auto White Widow takes an all-time classic and updates it for the 21st century. It keeps everything you loved about the original and makes it even easier to grow.
Price: US$16.51
THC Content:15%-18%
Flowering Time:10-12 Weeks
Plant Height:Medium: 100cm-180cm
Breeder:Pyramid Seeds
Genetics:White Widow x Ruderalis Indica/Ruderalis

Strain Traits


Auto White Widow has 17% and that classic sweet but refreshing flavour along with very respectable yields. Like its parent, it's short enough to grow indoors and fast enough to grow outdoors during shorter summers. It's fine with a bit of bad weather and can cope with beginners.

With 17% THC, White Widow is strong enough to show pain the door and provide a helpful, energizing and positive lift to your mood. It's still an Indica dominant though, so the lift will gradually glide down until you slip gently into a full-body stone for deep relaxation and longer-term pain relief.

The taste is exactly what you'd expect from a strain with the White Widow name. It is sweet but the sweetness is balanced by skunk and grounded by the solidity of earth and wood. Likewise the aroma has a top notes of herbs and spices before you pick up on the pungency and the weightiness of earth.

As an autoflowering strain, Auto White Widow behaves consistently both indoors and outdoors. In either case, it will grow to a height of between 80 cm and 1.2M (although it will tend to be shorter indoors and taller outdoors) and will complete its entire growth cycle in just 8 to 9 weeks (that's seed to harvest). You can expect up to 500g/m2 indoors and 500g per plant outdoors.

Genetically, Auto White Widow is simply classic White Widow plus Ruderalis and it behaves in much the same way as you would expect from regular White Widow, which is to say it's short, stocky, vigorous and covered in glittering white trichomes.

Use Auto White Widow at night for pain, insomnia, stress and depression.

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