Auto Pounder by Auto Seeds

Breeder: Auto Seeds
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If you’re looking to find the strain which delivers the absolute best all-round results for the absolute minimum of space and effort, then we think Auto Pounder would be a strong contender.
Price: US$31.75
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicDeep body stone
BreederAuto Seeds
GeneticsAuto #1 x Big Bud x Power Plant Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Strain Traits


Auto Pounder has become loved the world over due to its ability to deliver great yields in a small space and with minimal effort required. It's hardy, robust and ready in just 10 to 11 weeks. What's more it has a decent amount of THC and a great taste too.

With 15% THC Auto Pounder is strong enough to give pain a pounding and to give your mood a welcome lift without knocking you into outer space and leaving you unable to work or sleep.

The taste of Auto Pounder is light sweet and fruity and the aroma matches it perfectly.

Auto Pounder is an Indica dominant but it does like to grow quite tall for an autoflowering strain. If you can let it reach its full height of a metre or so, you will be rewarded with excellent harvests, but if your growing space is restricted, you can use plant training to keep it as short as 60cm.

Genetically, Auto Pounder is a three-way cross between Auto #1 X Big Bud X Power Plant. Big Bud of course is famous for its big yields and Auto Pounder certainly takes after its parent in this regard, in fact it takes its name from the fact that it can deliver 450g/m2 indoors and 450g per plant outdoors. In case you hadn't guessed, 450g equals one pound, hence the name.

There's more good news, Auto Pounder really can take a pounding and come through it and is also very resistant to mould, disease and pests. Really, what more could you ask for?

Use Auto Pounder in the evening for insomnia, pain, stress and depression.

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