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Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

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43 Strains
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  • Auto Chemdog - Auto Seeds
    Auto Chemdog has exactly the same truly mouth-watering taste as the original along with enough THC to make a difference to your life. It’s shorter, a whole lot faster and much easier to grow while still offering very decent yields. More Info
  • Berry Ryder – Auto Seeds
    Berry Ryder is a strain which combines great taste, great looks and useful medical benefits. What’s more it’s short, quick and undemanding, making it ideal for people with restricted growing space and busy lifestyles. More Info
  • Purple Stilton - Auto Seeds
    The original Cheese is one of the best-loved strains in the world and Purple Stilton makes a classic even better. More Info
  • Sucker Punch -  Auto Seeds
    Sucker Punch will give you a sucker punch as the name suggests and will set your jaw dropping with its combination of great taste, excellent medical benefits and ease of growing. More Info
  • Trans Siberian – Auto Seeds
    Just like its namesake, Trans Siberian is quick-growing and very effective. It’s little wonder that so many people have come to rely on it to see them through the dark days of winter and beyond. More Info
  • Diesel Berry – Auto Seeds
    As its name suggests, Diesel Berry is a cross between two very popular strains, Berry Ryder and NYC Diesel. More Info
  • Dreamberry – Auto Seeds
    Dreamberry offers you all the benefits of a Sativa but at the sort of size and speed ordinary people can manage. More Info
  • Hijack – Auto Seeds
    Genetically, Hijack is a cross between Jack Herer and AK-47 (plus Ruderalis). It has about 18% to 20% THC, which is plenty for pain relief and to deliver a buzz which is somewhere between a lift and a high and is full of positive, creative energy. More Info
  • Juicy Lucy – Auto Seeds
    We actually rather liked Juicy Lucy’s original name of Auto Pounder with Cheese, which also summed up the genetics. With 14% THC, Juicy Lucy can offer pain relief along with a gentle boost to your mood to nudge you out of any negativity you may be feeling. More Info
  • Kush Doctor – Auto Seeds
    Kush Doctor is a great choice for anyone who wants a strain which can tough it out in harsh conditions and still deliver great results. Although it’s small enough to grow indoors, where Kush Doctor really excels is surviving in the great outdoors. As well as being hardy, Kush Doctor has a great taste and plenty of THC. More Info
  • MIG-29 – Auto Seeds
    MIG-29 is one tough little strain, there’s very little will knock it down (other than plant training of course). While it can be kept small in size, the yields are generous and the bountiful and beautiful buds are nicely sticky with those beautiful THC-rich trichomes. More Info
  • Pineapple Punch – Auto Seeds
    There’s something about pineapple that seems to bring a touch of the sun to the darkest day. Pineapple Punch brings all that gorgeous fruity sweetness into a compact and easy-to-grow package with very reasonable yields. If its unfussy nature isn’t enough to bring a smile to your face then the THC will. More Info
  • Polar Express – Auto Seeds
    If you need a strain to grow quickly and stand up to cold conditions then Polar Express could be the perfect choice. It’s short, quick, nearly odour free, has high yields and a great taste together with plenty of THC. To cap it all off, it’s really unfussy and very resistant to mould, diseases and pests. More Info
  • Auto Bomb Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Auto Bomb takes the idea of “tiny but mighty” to a whole new level. It will be appreciated by anyone who values simplicity and taste over masses of THC. More Info
  • Berry Bomb Auto Feminized – Bomb Seeds
    Even though Berry Bomb was and is superbly easy to grow, there was still a huge demand for an autoflowering version of it. Bomb Seeds always aims to please so we now have Berry Bomb Auto. More Info