Auto Blueberry Feminized Marijuana

Breeder: 420 Seedbank
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The classic Blueberry Strain gets kicked up a notch by 420 Seedbank with this autoflowering and feminized variety. Meaning you’ll be treated to the strain’s same fruity flavors and relaxing indica dominant effects, in a shorter growing cycle. Watch as your plant bursts with beautifully colored buds, that radiate scents you won’t have to wait long to enjoy.
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THC Content:10%-14%
Flowering Time:8-10 Weeks
Plant Height:Short: 60cm-100cm
Breeder:420 Seedbank
Genetics:Indica Dominant

Strain Traits


Key Features

A strain that’s been traced back to the 1970’s gets a modern twist, using a ruderalis cross with Auto Blueberry Feminized. The genetics are an ideal way for beginners to experience growing a classic with autoflowering ease. After just 8-10 weeks, you’ll have an easy to manage harvest of moderately sized yields. Keeping trimming to a minimum, while still rewarding your work with relaxing effects for the body and mind.

Product Description

Blueberry is a strain that’s been around for a long time, for good reason. The genetics are reliable and dependable for growth, while quite alluring in effects. This autoflowering version has respectable levels of THC, ranging between 10-14%. So, the high isn’t too much for beginner users as it’s ideal for new growers, too.

The strain grows in a manageable fashion, with an open leaf structure and fewer, but significantly larger bud sites than normal. Regardless, Blueberry Auto outputs moderately sized yields ranging between 200 - 300 g/m2. The genetics compact size and shorter stature lend to indoor growth, so you can easily harvest multiple times per year to make up for weight.

Blueberry genetics will also win you over with its stunning appearance. Over time the plant’s vibrant green nugs become tinted with radiant blue streaks. As bright amber hairs top off the strain’s sparkling layer of crystal covered trichomes. Beyond its good looks, Blueberry is a soothing option for nighttime use. Relaxing its users into a restful slumber free of aches, stresses and pains.

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