Atomic Feminized by Bomb Seeds

Breeder: Bomb Seeds
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Atomic is quite simply a stunner. It really is a strain which has it all, THC, taste and robust genetics backed by an outstanding pedigree.
Price: US$39.37
THC ContentOver 22%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CharacteristicPowerful & euphoric
BreederBomb Seeds
GeneticsChemdawg x Emerald Triangle Kush x THC Bomb Indica/Sativa

Strain Traits


Atomic has a mighty 22% to 26% THC and a taste which is good enough to blow your socks off. It is compact enough to grow indoors but robust enough to grow outdoors. This strain is one speedy grower and yields are very respectable.

With 22% to 26% THC, Atomic really is the bomb when it comes to blasting pain into orbit. It'll also pull you out of the mental darkness and into a euphoric lift full of positive, creative, energetic vibes. For all its THC, however, Atomic is still an Indica dominant so as your high draws to an end, you're drawn into the safe and comforting embrace of a full body stone.

The taste of Atomic will set your mouth watering. Its top notes are mainly citrus, but there are berries and citrus in there too and the base is a rush of fuel. The aroma blends all of these notes together and is clean, crisp and satisfying.

Left to its own devices outdoors, Atomic can stretch as high as 1.5M but it's also very responsive to plant training so you could easily keep it down to 80 cm or so if you needed to. Indoors, this strain will finish flowering in just 8 to 9 weeks and will yield up to 450g/m2 and outdoors it will be ready around the start of October and can produce up to 550g per plant.

The reason why Atomic is so good can be explained by its genetics. It has its power from THC Bomb, its robustness from a Californian Kush and its taste from Chemdawg.

Use Atomic in the daytime for pain, fatigue, depression and stress.

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