AK48 Regular by Nirvana Seeds

Breeder: Nirvana
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AK48 combines plenty of THC with a warm, hearty taste and solid genetics for a straightforward grow.
Price: US$20.80
THC Content15%-18%
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
GeneticsColombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani Indica/Sativa

Strain Traits


AK48 offers a solid 17% to 20% THC for pain-busting, mood-enhancing power and sweet but satisfying taste and aroma. It's compact, quick and hardy so will grow happily indoors or outdoors, even in cooler climates. Yields are very reasonable and the robust genetics mean that this strain is very beginner-friendly.

With 17% to 20% THC, AK48 is bang on target when it comes to providing quick and meaningful pain relief and a noticeable lift to your mood, without taking you into a full-on THC high. This strain is still very much an Indica dominant so you also get to spend some time wallowing in the relaxing comfort of a full-body stone.

The initial taste of AK48 is sweet but spicy and with a hint of menthol pine. Then you discover the skunk pungency and the earthy base. Interestingly the aroma is far more on the fruity side, with clear notes of citrus oranges along with the pine and while there's still plenty of spices, you don't really notice the skunk or the earthiness.

In terms of height, AK48 tends to be compact indoors (as in 50 cm to 70cm) but if you have the space outdoors it can happily stretch all the way up to 2M. Having said that, even outdoors 1M is a more likely expectation. Indoors it will need about 7 to 8 weeks to flower and will yield up to 500g/m2. Outdoors it will be ready round the start of October and will typically deliver around 500g per plant unless you have the space to let it have some real stretch in which case you can enjoy some bumper harvests.

In spite of the name, AK48 is actually a cross between Ice and Jock Horror, not a descendent of AK47, but it is a nicely straightforward grow.

Use AK48 in the daytime for pain, stress and depression and at night for insomnia.

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