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  • Blue Dream Automatic
    Blue Dream Automatic is the strain to choose when you need a quality Sativa which offers excellent results without the extended growing time associated with Sativas. More Info
  • Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana
    Blue Dream Feminized makes this much-loved strain even better. It has become recognized as an outstanding medical strain since it combines powerful relief from both emotional disorders and physical pain, with a gentle touch. More Info
  • Blueberry  Marijuana
    Blueberry Regular is often known as the choice of A-listers due to its exquisite flavour, physical beauty and medical properties. The flavour is close to genuine blueberries and the appearance of this strain is almost as good as it tastes. More Info
  • Blueberry Feminized Marijauna
    Blueberry Feminized offers all the great benefits of Blueberry Regular, but feminized seeds make growing even easier. Home growers will love the fact that Blueberry Feminized offers all the compactness of an Indica, but has plenty of THC to give a deeply relaxing stone with a crisp edge. More Info
  • Bubble Kush Feminized Marijuana
    Bubble Kush Feminized is one of the best choices there is for amateur growers. To begin with, this Indica-dominant hybrid is almost as compact as a pure Indica, but has the sort of THC levels you’d expect from a Sativa More Info
  • Bubblegum Marijuana
    Bubblegum Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Bubblegum is a 1990s star, which has never lost its shine. A balanced hybrid, it is very easy to grow, but is extremely rewarding. More Info
  • Bubblegum Feminized Marijuana
    Bubblegum Feminized Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    Bubblegum Feminized’s taste is exactly what you’d expect from the name. It’s sweet, flowery and with a hint of berry, some people think there is a citrus element to it too. More Info
  • California orange bud
    California Orange Bud is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which means it stays reasonably compact for much of its growth cycle, but it does tend to shoot up in the last couple of weeks. More Info
  • Cali Orange Bud
    California Orange Bud Feminized is easy to grow, beautiful to look at and beautiful to smoke. In short, it’s a great choice for home growers, particularly for beginners. More Info
  • Critical
    Critical has been a huge success with both amateur and commercial growers, both of whom love that this strain offers an outstanding balance of robustness, yield, taste and effect. More Info
  • G13 Haze Feminized
    G13 Haze
    G13 Haze Regular is a legendary strain in more ways than one. The story goes that the variety we now know and love was liberated from a top-secret U.S. government laboratory by a technician who wanted its benefit to be shared with the world. More Info
  • G13 Haze Feminized
    Leaving aside all the hype about its purportedly mysterious background and focus on the fact that G13 Haze Feminized is an utterly outstanding Sativa with a mouth-watering taste and rewarding effect. More Info
  • Girl Scout Cookies
    Having rapidly risen to be one of the worlds most popular strains Girl Scout Cookies offers massive medical benefits in a cookie-flavoured smoke. More Info
  • Grandaddy Purps
    Grandaddy Purple is sometimes known as the “Royal Indica”. The most obvious reason for this is its glorious purple colour, with its royal associations, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider this strain the king of the Indicas and certainly a contender for the crown of best strain out there. More Info
  • Hollands Hope Feminized
    Holland’s Hope Feminized takes a strain which was already famous for being easy to grow and advances it one step further to make it pretty much impervious to anything except lack of light. More Info