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  • Hollands Hope Regular
    Holland’s Hope is a strain created to give hope to those who find themselves forced to grow outdoors in cooler climates. More Info
  • Skunk #1 Feminized
    Skunk 1 Feminized is even easier for beginner growers than the original Skunk 1. It will grow happily indoors or outdoors and requires very little in the way of care and attention in order for it to produce very respectable yields of classic weed. More Info
  • Sour Kush regular seeds
    Sour Kush is the child of two legendary strains, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Although it is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the Indica genetics keep it at a medium height and help to ensure a relatively quick maturation time. More Info
  • Sour Kush Feminized
    Sour Kush Feminized is the product of an increasing interest in creating easy-to-grow strains for medical users who want to be in control of their own supply of weed. More Info
  • White Dwarf Marijuana
    White Dwarf is essentially a pure Indica with a Ruderalis element added to make it autoflowering. This strain is good choice for beginners as it is so very easy to grow and stays compact enough to be grown in the smallest of spaces. More Info
  • White LSD Feminized Seeds
    White LSD has won a legion of fans amongst both amateur and commercial growers, both of whom appreciate the fact that this strain is as close to indestructible as it is possible to get in terms of marijuana plants and it still produces excellent yields. More Info
  • White Widow Feminized seeds
    White Widow Feminized Out of Stock

    Out of stock

    White Widow Feminized is a great-tasting, powerful strain which has been a top choice amongst medical users since the 1990s. More Info
  • White Widow Max

    SAVE 50%

    White Widow Max Regular takes everything which gained the original White Widow its legions of fans and dials it up to the max. More Info
  • White Widow Max Feminized
    White Widow Max Feminized updates the 1990s classic White Widow, keeping all its great qualities, making it even easier to grow and improving the yield. More Info