Moham Ram Feminized by Sweet Seeds

Breeder: Sweet Seeds
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Our personal homage to the father of STS without which our female varieties would not exist and of course we are very grateful to him, and for this reason we have dedicated to him an exceptional plant.
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THC Content19%-22%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
CharacteristicPhysical, Powerful, Relaxing
BreederSweet Seeds
GeneticsWhite Widow x S.A.D. S1
Awards2º Award - XIV Copa de la Marihuana - Madrid - 20112º Award - Indoor - Cata Copa de Cultivadores de Cannabis (CCCC) - Argentina - 20123º Award - Grows y Asociaciones - VII Copa C.A.B.A. - Crystal Grow - Argentina - 20141º Award - Indoor - 3ª Copa Cultivadores de Zion - Crystal Grow - Argentina - 20142º Award - Indoor - Portugal Weed Masters - Portugal - 20142º Award - Grows y Asociaciones - VIII Copa C.A.B.A. - Crystal Grow - Argentina - 20151º Award - Indoor - XIV Copa Cannábica del Plata - Crystal Grow - Argentina - 20152º Award - Indoor - Categoría Cultivadores - Copa Cannabis - Uruguay - 2016

Strain Traits


This genetic variation is based on the selection of White Widow which we have crossed with our sweet selection of S.A.D S1. White Widow gives a fresh, floral, fruity touch to the sweet musk of our SAD.The result is a, ideal plant, bursting with flavour of Indian predominance. It has spectacular production of resin crystals and a strong and lasting effect. It blooms quickly, easy to cultivate and it has an exquisite aroma.
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