Unless you’ve been living under a rock it’s likely you've heard of cannabis sun rocks or moon rocks. As this out-of-this-world new way to consume weed, and concentrates, is rising in popularity. 

Cannabis connoisseurs are not only making their own sun rocks and moon rocks, but brands are increasingly selling their own at legal dispensaries too. So, what are cannabis moon rocks, how do you smoke moon rocks or sun rocks and how can you easily make your own? Keep reading for your ultimate guide to sun rocks vs moon rocks, and the top differences you need to know.  

What are moon rocks? 

The moon rocks definition, is a nug of weed that’s been coated in highly potent cannabis oil or concentrate and then rolled in kief. Kief being a powder of trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids, that’s separated from the grounding of cannabis buds. Since the end-product has a similar appearance to that of a ‘moon rock’, its name is no surprise. Because the nug contains not just 1 but 2 extra potent materials (oil and kief), its effects are quite extraordinary themselves.  

Initially, moon rocks came to be in a ‘stoner hack’ type of fashion. For frequent consumers or those who desire more potent pot products, moon rocks are an efficient and effective way to achieve high levels of potency. Typically, moon rocks contain up to 50% THC in comparison to anywhere from 10-30% THC found only in cannabis nugs. The simplicity of making moon rocks, and their high level of THC has quickly caught on with consumers especially those consuming for medicinal purposes.  


Sun rocks vs. moon rocks, what’s the difference?  

Now, sun rocks are a little less known than moon rocks but are quickly trending amongst cannabis connoisseurs. The method to make sun rocks is similar to moon rocks but has one key difference. Only sun rocks are typically made with the highest quality weed and are only coated in concentrate. Without the kief, sun rocks have a more glistening bright shine to them vs moon rocks with a natural, crater-like powdery coating.  



With moon rocks, since the outside is covered in kief - there’s no way of knowing the quality of the nug underneath. The absence of the kief coating gives the consumer a glimpse at the top-shelf nature of the sun rocks weed. Because sun rocks are made with higher quality buds, and typically concentrate, too, even without one whole layer, their potency can reach up to 80% THC. 


Pro’s and con’s of moon rocks & sun rocks

By now, you may be asking - what are the pros and cons of moon rocks and sun rocks? So, let’s break down all the benefits and drawbacks of the trending buds.


  • Potency - Even with the highest quality and potent buds, it’s nearly impossible for any bowl or bong rip to reach 50%+ THC. With moon rocks, and sun rocks - you can.  
  • Cost-effective - Medical and recreational consumers alike, are finding that moon rocks and sun rocks are a highly cost-effective way to achieve high doses of THC. By layering cannabis products in smaller amounts, you can maximize each session with the highest levels of THC.  
  • Impress your smoke circleLet’s be honest, the appearance of moon rocks and sun rocks is impressive by itself. Making both quite impressive to bring to a party or to your friendly smoker circle.  


  • Potency - Of course, potency is a drawback for some consumers as much as it is a benefit for others. Some consumers have a sensitivity to THC, meaning low doses of the cannabinoid is more ideal. If you’re a new-time or beginner user - proceed with caution, and go low and slow with hits of moon rocks or sun rocks.  
  • Limitations -  Even though the sky’s the limit for potency, there are some limitations to know when consuming moon rocks or sun rocks. Both should avoid the grinder at all costs, to avoid ruining the piece and losing out on material. In addition, moon rocks and sun rocks are made for glassware only and are not ideal for blunts, joints or wraps.  
  • Cleanliness - Making moon rocks and sun rocks or breaking them open can be quite messy and sticky.  


How to make sun rocks & moon rocks

Now knowing what a moon rock and sun rock is, you may already know how to make them yourself. This is helpful, especially considering they can be quite costly when purchasing in a dispensary, individually. If you’re still wondering, below is a simple step-by-step guide for making premium moon rocks and sun rocks at home.  

1. First, collect the following materials -  

    • Any size cannabis nug (denser nugs vs fluffier nugs are ideal)  
    • Concentrate or oil  
    • An ample amount of kief, from your grinder 
    • Tongs  
    • A liquid dropper, or small jar for oil/concentrate  

2. Once you’ve chosen the bud to use, prepare your concentrate for use. If it’s a harder consistency, meltdown until it’s liquified for dipping.  

3. Using a dropper, pour the liquid concentrate or oil over your nug. Or, roll your nug in a small jar of the concentrate. Avoid soaking, for optimal lighting later. If you’re making sun rocks - leave the nug on parchment paper, or your rolling tray to dry.  

4. For moon rocks - use your tongs to dip or roll the bud in your pile or collection of kief.  

Voila! Your moon rocks or sun rocks are done, and ready for consumption.  

Tips for consuming sun rocks & moon rocks

bong marijuana glassware

Moon rocks and sun rocks are like no other cannabis good. Which means, they also have unique considerations to keep in mind when buying, making or consuming them. Below we’ve summarized a list of best practices to follow when adding moon rocks and sun rocks to your weed repertoire -  

  • Store moon rocks and sun rocks, in a cool dry area. If the concentrate or oil gets too hot it can melt, and degrade.  
  • Like we mentioned earlier, only use glassware for the lighting and consuming of sun rocks and moon rocks, and never grind.   
  • Moon rocks and sun rocks can be easily split into smaller portions while keeping in-tact. Just use a sharp razor to divide for use.  
  • Like a lunar take-off, prepare for a highly potent experience. Ensure you’ve eaten and stay hydrated, so you’re not jilted with an unpleasantly, too potent of a time. 

Fly me to the moon (or sun)  

Regardless of whether or not, you consume a moon rock or sun rock - you’re sure to have a more elevated high. Sun rocks and moon rocks are just the latest trend in the world of weed, that combines what consumers love the most. Natural, high quality cannabis flower, and potent levels of THC from oil and concentrates. So, use the information and tips you learned today to create your own version of moon rocks or sun rocks with your favorite strain. For more of the hottest cannabis trends, how-to’s and ultimate guides, be sure to subscribe to the 420 Seeds newsletter, now!