The word ‘rosin’ actually refers to the swift process of extraction by which this cannabis concentrate is obtained. 

How is Rosin made?

The method essentially uses heat and pressure to turn your cannabis materials into a solventless rosin product, that is resinous and sticky. Often similar to shatter.

Done correctly, this technique will reward you with concentrate that easily competes with extract obtained using more traditional methods. If you're looking to set up a rosin press on a $500 budget, you'll find that it's quite feasible and can yield excellent results.

Where did Rosin come from?

The origins of the technique used to create this CBD and terpene-packed product are unknown,. Though its first big appearance was on an Instagram post made in February 2015. The page that uploaded it, Soilgrown Solventless. They were unlikely the first to come up with the technique. But the speed that this method gained steam after this makes them key players in its ascent. In the months following the post the internet began buzzing with praise for what rosin could do as people tried the method themselves. 

The Benefits of Rosin

It it is worth considering why this particular method has gained such popularity.

straightners rosin methodThe first reason for this is the potency of the product it creates. This is highly concentrated stuff, with some samples showing a 50-70% THC level. Consequently it can offer the kind of strength that makes a little product go a long wayNot only that, but this is one fast acting form of cannabis consumption too,. This means medical users can get the swift relief they need. 

This brings us to the second big benefit of rosin, that of its advantages when used as a medicinal aid. Medical users of cannabis don’t typically relish consuming large quantities of bud,. This makes the strength of rosin an appealing option. It does not only offer THC packed goodness, but also mighty CBD content depending on the strain. Indeed, it would require possibly three or four times the volume of cannabis in bud form to have the same effect that this concentrate will provide.  

To make things even better rosin is clean and has no additives as no solvents are used in its creationThis distinguishes it from its current rival, BHO (Butane Hash Oil). BHO Extraction is an extraction technique that involves the use of solvents and can leave harmful residue in the product. Too much butane can wreak havoc on your body and its use is harmful to the environment. Rosin offers a far safer option without compromising on strength. 

Yet its safety credentials do not end there as the methods used for its creation make it far less hazardous than BHO. The volatile and highly combustible gas used in butane extractions can result in explosions and injury. The techniques used to created rosin are far safer, however, and pose very little risk of injury if precautions are taken. 

Apart from the low risk factor involved in making this cannabis concentrate, the creation process itself is also very quick and easy. Most guides will point you towards a small number of essential but basic items. Some hair straighteners, parchment paper, an implement to gather the concentrate with . Some prefer to use a special dabbing tool) and some oven mitts or heat resistant gloves, and the bud itself. This all you need and you probably already have most of them somewhere in your house.

How to make Rosin

rosinStep 1:

Firstly you should fold the parchment paper but make sure it is big enough to hold all the concentrate you intend to obtain.

 Step 2:

You should then place your weed inside the folded parchment paper. One bud at a time is generally recommended. Then heat the hair straighteners to between 200C and 300C.

Step 3:

Once the hair straighteners have reached the right temperature you should place the folded paper between the heated plates, making sure the paper-wrapped bud is on the heat 

Step 4:

We advise you use something to protect your hands at this stage such as oven mitts or heat resistant gloves. Squeeze the hair straighteners together as hard as possible. Those who have never used hair straighteners before should be aware that they can reach some flesh-sizzling temperatures.

Step 5:

You should keep the pressure applied for around ten to twenty seconds before removing the paper from the hair straighteners. 

Step 6:

Using the utensil you should now remove the thoroughly flattened bud that is in the paper, being careful not to take any extract with it.

The paper should now contain the concentrate that has been heated out of the bud, and once it has been allowed to cool you can gently remove it using your tool of choice. It should initially appear as a waxy substance, but once dried may harden and become more shatter-like in consistency.  

If you find your concentrate to be too runny, this indicates an excessively high temperature was used to create rosin. Or if very little extract was obtained your buds may be too dry.   

The hair straightener method has served countless weed fanatics for years just fine.